RPP 3.0 #42: Spider Masturbator (RPP #94)

Years ago, I saw this weird toy that had a suction cup at one end so you could stick it to the bathroom wall for your hands free sessions. The concept was interesting, although I was more interested in the texture – a meiki-like interior texture with a sleeve that looked almost the same as a Fleshlight. 

The toy was the Korean made Spider by GLC. It was sold originally in the US by different companies, but their distribution fell under the lawsuit filed by IFL two years ago, so the toy became a collector’s item with a price tag above $150. Too much for a plastic vagina…until I found one on E-Bay for $70. At that price, I bought the one I am reviewing today.

Is the Spider another “so-so” masturbator, or it is a shame that it is barely sold in the US? Lets go to the review to find out!   

General Description

The Spider is a HUGE toy – it measures 11 inches long by 3.5 inches diameter and weights about 1.5 pounds. The toy is available in two versions: White (vaginal) and Black (anal), each one with a different realistic texture. I got the White Spider with the vaginal entrance and the “Realism” texture.

The idea behind the Spider was a Fleshlight that you could use hands free by attaching to a wall or table. In fact, the Spider “copied” the exterior design of the FL, encasing a sleeve with a hard plastic shell. Hell, the sleeve of the Spider has an orifice that screams “Fleshlight”… but the texture is a complete different game. 

The “Realism” texture is a realistic, curved, tight tunnel with a G-spot, everything covered completely with arrays of rounded bumps. That is something that Fleshlight had been unable to develop, so in that account,  the Spider is an innovative product. A texture made of bumps is usually intense, so I expected the Spider to be a wild ride.

The Spider delivered on the intensity, even when I never used it on the shower or over a table.  Once you penetrate the sleeve, you feel all the bumps surrounding your penis and simply taking you to orgasm… hard. The material is slightly firmer than the regular Fleshlight, so the texture feels more pronounced than expected. “Realism” is designed to feel real, but because of the firmness of the material, it becomes a dominatrix just having fun in driving you mad with intensity. Orgasms with this toy were hard, strong, and really toe-curling – specially when trying to hold them!

Personally, I find masturbating while standing a very uncomfortable idea and the bottom of my desk did not provide a good surface for the suction cup, so I haven’t used that feature of the Spider. (If I ever use the suction cup, I will update this review.)

The sleeve is an open ended one, so is as easy to clean as your average Fleshlight. 

Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 5/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: Very High

Total score:  39 / 40

It is a shame that the Spider is such an expensive toy. Even Omocha Dreams, one of their distributors, sells it at 100 euros ($128), which in my opinion is too expensive for a toy that is too similar to a Fleshlight – which cost no more than $70. At $70 – $80, the Spider is a must have… if you find it! 

I used Silky Lube for the sessions with the Spider.

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