RPP 3.0 #47: AINO Mature Vagina (RPP #100)

Recently, a reader of this blog pointed that you could buy Japanese sex toys in Amazon. Although true, most of the Asian toys I found in Amazon were not Japanese – they were Chinese! You have your TENGA and NPG products, but you will also find Chinese brands like AINO. This Chinese company has begun to show their products in the USA and they are a good option for those who simply cannot afford $80 for a high-end meiki. Are they worth at least half of that? Let’s see the review! 

General Description

The AINO Vagina comes in two models – Girl and Mature. Externally, both look exactly the same, but their canal designs are different. The main difference among both models is the width of the canals, with the Girl being the tight model and the Mature a very loose one with pronounced G-Spots.
Both toys are closed end toys, meaning they will have a nice suction (and will make those cute pussy farts noises). They on the medium size, measuring about 5.5 inches long and 3 inches on their widest part. They are on the heavy side, weighting 17 ounces (about 490 grams) and are made of the infamous TPE material.


To begin, AINO doesn’t spend much on packaging. When you buy this toy, it comes in a sealed poly / metallic bag with the product identification  label and nothing else – no cute graphics or photos, no lube sample… nothing.
The material will have a rubbery odor common to TPE products. It will decrease after a few days, but some people are very sensitive to this smell, so you are warned.
The important thing is how does it feel – and the Mature Vagina feels good… The texture is not too intense, being on the more realistic spectrum of toys and as expected, it feels loose and comfy when you penetrate it. The G-spots on this toy are very pronounced, so when your penis begin to swallow before orgasm they hit you like a wall of bricks. The toy will allow you to build up your pleasure and you will find yourself fucking this toy without mercy.
Cleaning is pretty standard  for closed end toys. Just be sure to clean completely after use and allow to dry before storing.

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 3/5   
Tear and Wear: 4/5  (Small tear on the orifice after a few uses)
Hygiene: 4/5 
Maintenance: 4/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Total score:  34 / 40

Preference: High

With prices ranging between the $15 (E-bay) and the $25 (Amazon), the AINO Mature Vagina is an excellent option for those wanting to experience a realistic toy, but don’t have $80  on the budget for toys. Be warned that the toy has a rubber smell that can be strong during the first few uses.

I used the Muko Gel and Slick Specialist as lubes for my sessions with this toy. My fake ladies Lisi (Meiki Plush Doll) and Natalia (a new 1AM doll) assisted during the hands free sessions.
Also, I watched 3rd World Media’s  Naughty Little Asians #29 as inspirational material during this review. 

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