RPP 3.0 #6 : Venus Clone (RPP #58)

I had been so busy lately that I had not been able to write the reviews I made two weeks ago! Lets see if I can get to date this weekend… So lets begin with the last one from the Venus series: the Venus Clone.

General Description

I already described the Venus series of masturbators – big, heavy, and awesomely good! The Cross melted my little friend, the Real made me fuck it twice in a row, so when I used the Clone, I already had great expectations – and again the Venus surpassed them!

Tomax Venus Clone canal

The Clone has an internal tunnel completely covered in the infamously good dots, plus a swollen G-spot to pressure and caress your penis in every thrust. The dots and the G-spot were indications of a stimulating masturbator and the fact that I got this pussy in the Hard firmness promised exciting sessions – and again the Venus delivered!

Tomax Venus Clone Texture Close up


As expected, the Venus Clone provided feedback immediately after I penetrated it. I am already familiarized to the sensations from the dots (TOMAX uses the same dots in the Succubus and the Venus Cross), but this was the first time I got them in the Hard firmness level. My GOD! This dots simply invited me to go deeper and I complied to find the G-spot. Explaining how good this rubber pussy feels won’t give justice to this toy. It is THAT DAMN GOOD! I had the most intense orgasms I had in a while… and that is not counting the session I had with this toy and a prostate massager. That session was a religious experience.


Immediate Feedback: 5/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Tightness: 5/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: High

Total score:  40 / 40


I think it is the first time I give a perfect score – even for a toy that takes a while to dry. The reality is that I liked the Clone so much that I don’t mind having to drying it manually after each use. If you want a meiki like the Maria Ozawa or the ZXY and do not have the $80 they cost, spend just $50 and get one of the best toys in the market. Want a meiki? Just order the Soft firmness and go to town…

I used FleshLube Water as the lubricant for the sessions with the Clone. The Clone does not fit nicely in any of the dolls I have, but I stuck it between two pillows and fucked it while holding my TBD “Victoria”. Not bad… not bad at all. No movies were used for this review.

Next Stop: Sakura’s Camel Toe.

Available at: ToyDemon.com

5 thoughts on “RPP 3.0 #6 : Venus Clone (RPP #58)”

  1. Well i got the mekis ozawa zxy and meki 8
    soo far best for me is 8.
    Just order the clone regular ones..

    1. ToMax has 3 models for the Venus Series – Clone, Real, and Cross. They have different tunnel textures with the Real being the smoothest and the Cross the more stimulating. Each model comes in four levels of material firmness – hard, regular, soft, and very soft.

      The review was for the Clone in its HARD firmness level. I had the chance to review the Clone in the very soft firmness and it also got a perfect score.

  2. Thank you very much, Casquetero, for your effort to put your opinions of all these toys together. It is defintely amongst the best sources for information on certain masturabtor on the web. Your blog was one of the deciding factors for me to buy Meiki Plush and Busty Aichan which basically changed my masturbation habits for the better.

    I own 2 fleshlights (Lotus and Twista) and the spider masturbator (https://www.omochadreams.de/artikel_en.php?art=F000351b&go=Onahole,%20Masturbator&get=SPIDER%20Series), basically a Korean fleshlight with very similar material but a more realistic texture plus a suction cap. All these are open-ended for easy cleaning and I’m happy with them except for the Lotus which was my first one and I could never fully enjoy). I am going to order several new several new fleshlight sleeves (Nipple Alley, Destroya, Bi-Hive, Dragon, Heavenly and probably EU Vortex). Mainly because I want to increase my stamina with the high intensity sleeves (rarely do I ever reach 20-30 minute long sessions) , I definitely need more variety and I love the easy maintenance. It’s about time to get new sensations as my Lotus is from early 2009 and even has a firmer and more pink-ish material compared to the Twista from late 2010 (I guess they used the same material composition as with the regular pink fleshlights and later shifted to a softer composition for the Girls line. Did you experience this also?)

    But now I also want to experience some more realistic Japanese sleeves that are closed for the suction effect. In particular Tomax’s sleeves. As I have the Busty-Aichan which is supposed to have the same succubus material for the outer layer, I want to know if the onahole sleeves also are a bit greasy and constantly “bleed” small amounts of oil. Or is this just due to the inner gel that make the breasts so soft? I’d have to wrap them with plastic bags every time I use them with the Meiki Plush.

    Then there’s the problem of deciding which hardness to get..
    Whats the equivalent in hardness level of (regular) Busty Aichan’s outer layer? The “Regular” I guess?
    I’m mainly interested in the Venus Clone because of the thick walls, the nice upward arc of the tunnel, the dots
    (similar ones are also in the Spider) and the Lilith Uterus for the organic texture, the cervix and the supposedly great vacuum effect.
    I guess I would buy them in different hardness levels to get some more variety for my collection and to get an overview of the material characteristics for possible future purchasesfrom Tomaxx.
    So I thought about getting the Lilith in soft for maximum realism and the Venus in hard to get the full effect of the dots and to train stamina (When using my preferred lube Rends Peace’s – which is rather thick but veeery long lasting – with the Spider I often can’t even feel the dots at all).

    Can you still recommend these sleeve/hardness combinations to someone with – at present – rather poor stamina, or would you suggest otherwise. Maybe you have bought the same sleeves in different hardnesses in the meantime?
    The problem is that I’m from Europe and there’s just one dealer (Omochadreams) for those products. Tomax’s stuff costs literally double the price (!!) than in the US. So trying out Succubus in all three hardness levels is not an option (too expensive and those sleeves don’t appeal to me).

    Have you ever heard about or tried the “Tong-Ggo” (http://www.toydemon.com/Tong-Ggo.html). Pretty curious about that as I have heard only positive reviews about that anal onahole which seems to be far superior that the Fleshlight Forbidden. Maybe something to add on your RPP list if you’re interested.

    Thanks in advance for your help and keep the reviews coming!


  3. I don’t have that problem with any of my toys. First, I don’t use any soap for cleaning – just running water after each use and regular rubbing alcohol when I plan to store them.

    It is important to allow these toys to dry properly before storing them away. After cleaning them, I use a paper towel to dry excess water from the inside (i roll the paper towel and insert it into the tunnel for a few minutes). Then i let them to dry out for a few days before storing.

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