RPP 3.0 #8: Work at Night Masturbator (RPP #60)

We all have heard the KISS principle: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Apparently someone at the Japanese company TOMAX was listening to this principle when designing the Work at Night masturbator. Is its simplicity good? Lets see…

General Description

The Work at Night masturbator is a study in simplicity. Everything is simple in its design: the entrance is just a hole without any pussy lips or design, its exterior has no designs or grooves to improve grip, and the interior texture is just a series of ribs with different diameters. When you see the Work at Night and compare it with other masturbation toys, you look at it and say to yourself “That’s a fucking ugly toy! I won’t spend money on that shit!” It doesn’t promise much, but as a friend liked to say, sometimes you will like simpler things.


If you look at the Work at Night, you will regard it to be one of those cheap masturbation toys that won’t feel right. After submitting the Work at Night to my tests, I have to admit I was prejudiced against this Japanese masturbator. It is plain and simple… but good!

First, lets talk about the material. TOMAX  toys are very soft, but at the same time extremely durable. The Work at Night is no exception. The material is durable and soft, but unlike the Succubus and the Venus lines, the material of the Work at Night is sticky – very sticky. On the inside it is good since the stickiness improves the suction, but on the outside it attracts every single spec of dust around. The good news is that the material is very simple to clean with running water.

Now, lets talk about size. Unlike most Japanese toys, the Work at Night has a wide entrance hole perfect to penetrate while semi-erect. You can penetrate this rubber pussy with a half mast and work to a full erection while inside, increasing the suction and the sensations. another good thing about the Work at Night is that it measures a good 6 inches long – perfect length for those with a small to average sized penis. It is also a heavy toy – it weights almost a pound – so it is perfect for pounding hands free (given you find a good holder or mount).

The real surprise with this toy where the sensations. The tunnel of this masturbator has one of the simplest textures – ribs with a gradual change in diameter – but its simplicity works great with the material and the diameter of the overall tunnel. When you add all three, this toy becomes the equivalent of a Zen garden: simple and sublime at the same time. During my sessions with the Work at Night, I enjoyed a gentle rubbing from the ribs with a nice tugging sensation from the sticky material. Even pounding it hands free (I was able to squeeze it into “Alexa’s” hole), the Work at Night tugged my penis and simply milked me in every session.

Cleaning the Work at Night was easy thanks to its wide entrance. Drying was also fast, making this masturbator a good toy for those lazy, horny mornings. Something funny about this toy is the paper apron included. The manufacturer includes not only the usual lube sample, but in this case, they also add a paper apron for to put over your groin and avoid the mess after you finish. Nice touch for a toy on the below $25 range.


Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 4/5   
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5 
Use: 3/5 

Value: High
Preference: Medium

Total score:  34 / 40


The Work at Night masturbator is a nice toy for beginners and those on a budget. It has a simple but durable design that feels much better than its looks.

I used FleshLube Water as the lubricant for this review.

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