RPP #3.5: Alexis Texas’ OUTLAW Fleshlight (RPP #130)

When you see Alexis Texas in her movies the first impression is “That woman was created to be a porn star.” When you see her in real life, the reaction is “DAAAYYUUMMM that ass is unreal!” That was my reaction when I saw her live in Exxxotica Atlantic City back in April – and this from a man raised in an island were J. Lo types of assess are the norm.

I loved the Tornado texture released originally for Alexis, but ILF improved themselves by giving her a new texture: Outlaw. Should you include this new texture to your collection? Lets see…

First Impressions

The Outlaw can be categorized as an organic texture with all the different textures in its interior. I don’t know how to describe them, but you can see in the picture of the texture some bar-shaped bumps, slanted  bars with small, rounded bumps on top of them and more bar bumps looking like gates – all that in the first half of the texture. The second half repeats the texture, but with a narrower canal. That ensures you will enjoy the texture no matter your size. Outlaw seems to be a mid intensity texture, with the smaller bumps promising to be the most intense areas either by themselves or added to the narrow canal of the upper part of the toy.


The Outlaw is one of those textures that is difficult to review because the experience can be totally different due to small details during use. During my sessions, I had a few where the Outlaw felt natural and complacent, allowing me to use it for a long time and allowing me to pump it while cumming. At other sessions, it surprised me, making me orgasm in a few minutes. All orgasms were deep and strong, but the intensity changed completely depending on how I penetrated the sleeve.

Being a guy on the short side of the scale (5 inches long in a good day), I found that the single row of round bumps on the first half of the canal hit my frenulum when I used the toy hands free in the missionary position. Those were the most intense and fulfilling orgasms I had while using this texture, allowing me to pump through my orgasm.

As usual with Fleshlights, cleaning is easy – just flush with running water and use some alcohol to sanitize if desired. The sleeve dried well overnight.

The Outlaw is a middle intensity texture that can surprise you if the interior structures hit your penis in the right spot. Orgasms can be strong with this one, but you will need to play with it a few times to learn its tricks.  

Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

FleshAssist Ranking and Score: 28 / 6.65
My FleshAssist score for this texture: 7.4 due to its stimulation and ease of cleanup.

That face! That look! That ASS!