RPP 3.5: Bad Dragon’s Dukebutt (RPP #119)

Photo: Bad-Dragon.com

I have fucked aliens, elves, midgets, anthropomorphic mares, and now is the turn of another mythical creature. Today, I share with you my experiences with Duke, the bad dragon from – where else – Bad Dragon.com.

Duke, which in the fantasy roster of Bad Dragon is a “successful CEO of an international modelling firm by day, adult entertainer by night” has copies of both his penis and his butt available for the company’s clients. I bought the butt copy in Onyx Black color and without any other consideration, lets go to the review…


Just like the Mary masturbator, the Duke Butt is made of silicone – almost 2 pounds of the stuff. It is a big toy – about 8 inches long – making the toy a big and heavy handheld masturbator. The orifice has a design to make you remember that you are fucking a dragon’s asshole… regardless of the gender of the dragon.

The interior of these toys had become one of my favorite things about Bad Dragon toys. The interior is as usual a realistic organic texture, with a nice choke point at the entrance and a series of chambers throughout the tunnel. Also, like the Mary, the Duke Butt is an open ended design, making it easy to clean.

Photo: Bad-Dragon.com

How does it feels? I have to admit I liked it even more than the Mary The silicone on this toy is slightly softer than in my Mary, feeling a lot better when penetrated. The orifice is also bigger, making the penetration easier than with the tight entrance from the Anthro Mare. My favorite part of the toy is precisely the first bumps after you pass the sphincter – it really feels as if you are fucking a real ass (a human ass, that is). Because the texture is organic, you won’t be overwhelmed by its intensity, but the bumps created by the variations on the tunnel’s diameter will have you humping this silicone butt deep and slow no matter if you get a hard-on every time you see one of the dragons in Game of Thrones or not.

“Mom, El Casque said he  fucks me thinking of you!”

 Now, as good as it feels, the problem with these toys is their huge size and weight. Because they are big and heavy, they don’t fit properly in any of the dolls in my “harem”, so I had to look for another mount for these things. Good thing I have a Fleshlight Mount that I rarely use and the Bad Dragon toys fit almost perfectly in the hole designed for the Fleshlights. Once in place, I hit that dragon’s butt as if it was its mother… Hey, I do have  fantasies with Daenerys…

The Duke Butt is a great toy regardless if you have fantasy fetishes or not. The organic texture is maybe the most realistic in most toys of this type – add the fantasy factor and the customization options available at Bad-Dragon and you can have a unique toy. Remember that these toys are made with silicone, justifying their premium price (around $130).  
RPP Score:
Feedback: 5 / 5
Orgasm Buildup: 5 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 4 / 5

Total Score: 23 / 25