RPP 3.5: Fleshlight Girls Booty (RPP #113)

Joanna Angel was not the only Fleshlight Girl receiving recycled textures. Christy Mack got the Attack (aka Revel) and the Booty (aka Untouched) and yours truly decided to test Christy’s Booty.

The texture did not received great reviews from the Fleshcrack addicts when it came out as the Untouched for a simple reason – it is not too intense. The alternate sized rows of pill-shaped bumps promised intensity, but after being lubed the sensations were limited to the tightness of the tunnel and not more else.

This is one of those tricky textures. You see a lot of bumps and your brain goes to the sensations from the STU, Nipple Alley, and other high intensity textures – but the Booty / Untouched is different! The bumps inside the Booty are flat, so the bumps are going to give you a gentle massage if anything. If you want to feel something, you need to use a thin lubricant.

I realized this after the first use, so I changed lubes and even then, the sensations given by the Booty are delicate. The texture allows anyone to enjoy the toy regardless of length and / or thickness, but even with the thinnest lube in inventory (Fleshlube Water), the texture is gentle. I can say the Booty felt good – so good I wanted to keep fucking it for hours as slowly as I could, which is exactly what I ended doing. Orgasms were strong and brutal, but be warned that they took a LOOONG time to arrive…

…And that was just the first cumshot…

Cleaning is easy, but remember to keep the sleeve under running water for a longer time than usual because cum and lube will get trapped between the pill-shaped bumps.

Verdict: The Booty is a gentle texture perfect for long, lazy sessions. It is so gentle, that I see it as a “mood” toy – I will use it sparingly, only for days when I want (and can) spend hours in a masturbatory session. It is recommended to users liking smooth and gentle stimulation toys. If you want intensity, stick with STU, Nipple Alley, and Destroya.

RPP 3.5 Score:

Feedback: 3/5
Orgasm Buildup: 4/5
Realism: 3/5
Durability: 5/5
Value: 4/5

Score: 19 / 25