RPP 3.5: Fleshlight Misfit / Scorpio (RPP #108)

One of the latest Fleshlight Girls is no other than Joanna Angel – the muti-talented alternative porn star that performs, directs movies, and even writes articles in both online and print magazines. After some complaining from the Fleshlight community because she was only available with the Lotus texture, Fleshlight decided to “recycle” Fleshjack textures and rechristened the “Scorpio” texture as the Misfit to calm the masses. Was that a good move from ILF? Lets go to the review!

From first looks, the Misfit / Scorpio texture seems to be a medium intensity texture. It has some microribs at the entrance, followed by a thick band, some bumps, a short ribbed section, and an array of triangular “teeth”. Because most of these textures cover  short sections of the tunnel, the variety should keep you interested until you reach the triangular teeth, which is the largest section.

In use, the  Misfit is not too intense, but I compare it to the Twista because it feels really, really good, keeping you on the edge for as much time as you want. The sensations are not overwhelming and in a weird way, the Misfit massages your penis until you cannot hold anymore. The orgasms I have experienced with this texture had been toe-curling and extremely satisfying!

As always, cleaning the Fleshlight is extremely easy.

Verdict: The Misfit / Scorpio texture is a “feel-good” texture. It has enough stimulation to make most users happy and gives good control to those of us who love slow, long sessions.

RPP Score:

Feedback: 4 / 5
Orgasm Buildup: 4 / 5
Realism: 3 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Total Score: 21 / 25

And, just for fun… a picture of Ms. Angel!