RPP 3.5: HEPS H5 (Tight) (RPP #121)

Last year, I reviewed what is in my opinion, the best oral sex simulator available on the market: the HEPS Fantastic. It is a pricey toy, but it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Now, this year HEPS began to sell the sleeves as “system parts”  and you can get them in the United States for about $20. There are two models available – the H3 or the replacement for the HEPS Fantastic sleeve and the H5, a tighter, ribbed model that promises to be more intense than the H3. I took my HEPS system on the road with this H5 sleeve and today I am sharing my impressions on this little sucker.

First Impressions

First of all, you need to have the HEPS Fantastic to use the H5 Tight Hole to its full potential, since it is sold as optional / replacement parts for it. It comes in an elegant plastic box with an infographic comparing the H3 (the one coming with the HEPS Fantastic) and the H5. The infographic is in Japanese, but just looking at the drawing of the texture, you can deduct three things about the H5:

  • It is going to be more intense than the H3 because the texture is a ribbed canal with a variable diameter.
  • It is going to less realistic than the H3, and
  • The mouth is going to develop tears sooner than the H3 because the entrance is tighter and the material on the sides is less flexible.

The material is exactly the same as in the HEPS Fantastic, but the sleeve is bulkier, thus taking some flexibility off the sides of the mouth.

You place it into the HEPS handling case as you do regularly, giving you the same combinations of pressure and suction than the HEPS Fantastic.


Don’t tell me it’s not sexy!!!

Once in place, the H5 looks inviting so I accepted its invitation. Because I know how intense ribbed toys can be, I applied lots of lube to this toy and that precaution paid off. The H3 is tight and the ribs make them present right away, pressing all around your penis. If you are skimpy on the lube, be prepared to put your cock into a cheese grater!

Properly lubed, the H5 is a great toy for edging sessions. The ribs will put you on the edge of cumming soon into your session and the HEPS system allows you to try different combinations of suction and pressure, so take your time and make small adjustments to the system between strokes…

Orgasms with the H5 can only be described as brutal. Ejaculations were long and strong every time I used this toy – in fact, they were so strong I could feel my cock shooting event through the thick material!

Showing the tears after 4 sessions

Like the HEPS Fantastic, the H5 is easy to clean, although it can take an eternity to dry on open air, so I recommend drying the interior with a paper towel before allowing to air dry.

The main drawback of the HEPS line is the tearing on the corner of the mouth. No matter how delicate you are with this toy, the corners of the mouth are going to rip at least half an inch. I find those tears improve the sensation since they allow me to move the toy easier, but many users will feel cheated when a new toy rips like that.

The H5 Tight is a welcomed option for the HEPS system. It gives the already impressive HEPS a more aggressive texture that will give you awesome orgasms with its variety of pressure and suction adjustments. Too bad its durability is on the low side…

Score: 19 / 25

Feedback: 5 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 3 / 5
Durability: 3 / 5
Value: 3 / 5