RPP 3.5: Jenna Haze’s Lust (New FLG texture) (RPP #127)

Photo: Fleshlight / ILF

After a few days offline, I’m back with a new review  – this time for the new texture inspired by Jenna Haze’s ass: LUST.

Is this new texture a good one? Lets go to the review!

First Impressions
The texture seems to be a series of rings and bumps trying to simulate the sensations you get from anal sex. Thanks to the textured interior and the various widths in it, Lust promises to feel better than the smooth Forbidden, which is the standard anal texture for FLG and Fleshjacks. Lust promises an interesting array of sensations, although for “short” guys like me, the sensations are going to be on the mid intensity level. “Longer” guys could expect a slightly more intense ride thanks to the thicker rings and narrower diameter after the 5 inches mark.

This is one of those reviews that took me a while to do – not because the toy was bad – , but because the toy gave me different sensations every time I used it…

Lets say right away that the toy is GOOD. It is 10 times better than the Forbidden. Lust feel more real than the average anal Fleshlight, but if you are expecting a constant sensation, you are going to be tested by this Fleshie.

This new texture feels completely different depending on the lube you are using, the method you use (stroker or hands free), and how much you open the case’s end cap. Each combination will make you cum – but the sleeve will feel different in each case!

Hands-free, tight end cap

If you use a thicker lube, LUST will feel almost smooth. You will feel only the variations in diameter of the tunnel and maybe a couple of the rings. It will be a long, soft ride, allowing you to build up an impressive load. Using a thinner lube, the sleeve comes alive allowing you to feel some of the other structures, becoming a mid intensity sleeve.

Hands-free, loose end cap

With this setting, the thicker lube made the sleeve feel in the low-medium intensity levels, still giving me a lot of control over the session. With a thinner lube, I was able to feel most of the structures inside the sleeve. Still a medium intensity sleeve, but I had to pace myself to avoid cumming too soon.


As a stroker (with thick lube and open end cap), LUST felt incredibly tight with the rings doing their job in less than 20 minutes.

As usual with Fleshlights, cleaning is easy.

The Lust is a good addition to the Fleshlight roster. It is not a super intense texture, but it brings enough to keep you pumping to strong orgasms. Much better than the Forbidden and Lotus IMO.

Score: 22 / 25

Feedback: 3/ 5
Orgasm Build Up: 5 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5