RPP 3.5: Kuudom Trail Bishop (RPP #123)

Your friendly neighbor El Casque is back from a well deserved vacation – although I kept posting a few reviews during my travels. Today, I am sharing with you yet another of the toys I took on the road: the Kuudom Trail Bishop.

First Impressions

This toy is made by the same people responsible of the Groom series and it follows the same elegant design ideas, but with the Trail series, they made a few changes. First, they changed the color of the material to black (it is still the same material as in the Groom Wild Touch). Second, the tin can shape is gone,with this toy having a shape resembling the bishop chess piece (that’s where the name comes from I guess). Third, unlike the Groom series, the Trail Bishop is an open-ended toy, allowing you to use it either as a head masturbator or as a onahole if your little friend is not too wide.

I love toys giving me options, specially when they have textures that seem to be not too stimulating. The Bishop has a texture of rounded, finger-shaped nubs to massage your little friend. Being rounded, they give a gentle massage, but the shape of the toy allows you to place your fingers around the mid section of the “8”, creating a choke point to increase the stimuli.


I used the lube included with the Bishop and went on to play with this curious toy. During my first try, I used it as a head masturbator, using it the same way I used the Groom models. The session was interesting because the toy is not too stimulating, but rubbing the nubs over the right places on my penis’ head got me to take a few breaks to control myself.

My penis is of average width (4.5 inches of girth), so I tried the Bishop as an onahole. Passing my penis’ head through the second top hole gave interesting sensations. I got the nubs rubbing part of the penis head and shaft at all times, making me cum buckets in what I call “relaxing orgasm” – an ejaculation that doesn’t make you breathe faster or harder, but leaves you spent and in a total relaxed state.

Cleaning the Bishop is super easy, although cleaning yourself after using it could be a different matter.

The Bishop is one of those toys that surprises you. A gentle stimulation toy that well used can give you deep and strong orgasms…. Add a compact size, cool design, and a total discrete case for travel and you have a cool toy to take on the road!

Score: 18 / 25

Feedback: 3 / 5
Orgasm Build Up: 4 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Value: 5 / 5