RPP 3.5: YouCups’ Moaning Emily (RPP #118)

Rubber pussies are relatively easy to make – you just need a design, an orifice that remotely looks like a female vagina and voilá, you have a masturbator. The difficult part is improving the user experience – sounds, movement, pressure, sensations – the things that separate the real thing from a rubber pussy. Toy companies had tried to improve the user’s experience adding vibration (Fleshlight Vibro, the hips with bullet pockets), but this is the first time I see sound added to the mix. 

YouCups recently introduced their Moaning series – a trio of masturbators mixing three different sensations. With this series, you get a traditional realistic masturbator sleeve in clear material, a vibratory case (basically the same one from the Warrior modified to accept a masturbator), and a pair of earplugs. 

A pair of earplugs?

One of the selling points of the Moaning is its “reality interactive sexual moans”, which can be heard only when you plug in the earphones in the case’s jack. The idea behind the moans is to provide a full erotic experience when added to the massage and the jelly sleeve realistic texture.

Is the Moaning a good toy or simply a gimmick? Let’s go to the review!

How do we begin to review this toy? Lets do something new: I will review each component separately, then the toy as a whole… It is the only way I can make justice to this toy!

1) Masturbator
The Emily masturbator is a 5 inches long clear jelly masturbator with a thick opening and a tight, natural texture. You can use the masturbator indenpendently, but be warned that the thing is really sticky to the touch. When the texture is natural / organic and it feels good, but don’t expect too much stimulation from this texture. Even with the low stimulation, the sleeve does the job, making you cum hard and long. Cleaning is a bitch – the toy is a closed-end toy with a tight tunnel – but being clear allows you to see if it is really clean.

2) Vibratory case
The case is basically the Warrior male vibrator modified to fit the masturbator sleeve. The case has 12 vibration modes, ranging from the delicate massage to a complex pattern. Using the masturbator with the case gives you a bunch of pleasure options – for example, you can start fucking the masturbator without the vibration, then turn it on in mid session, increasing the vibration when you are reaching your climax. Like the Warrior, you charge the battery of the Moaning by connecting it to an USB port of your computer for a few hours. If the Warrior was fun to use, the Moaning is double the fun!

3) Sound
Now, the reality interactive sexual moans are a stretch. If they had said “loop of random sexual moans” they would be closer to the truth. The sounds are loud and clear and can only be heard while using any standard earplugs connected to the audio jack on the case. “Emily” is very verbal, even cumming hard during the session, but the sounds are not interactive – you could be fucking the sleeve with all your might and the sounds are slow or viceversa. If the sounds were responding to the speed or the strength you were using to fuck the toy, then I would say it is interactive.

In Summary
As a whole, the Moaning is a fun toy to play with. It is maybe the toy that allows you for more pleasure possibilities – you have the traditional sleeve, you have the advantages of a toy with a hard case, plus you can make the toy to massage your penis for a hands free session, or you can fuck the toy while it vibrates. You can hear the repetitive moaning while fucking the toy or you can fuck it in silence. The size of the toy is perfect to use with a doll, although you won’t be able to change the vibration mode or hear the moans unless you McGyver something to pass the cables through the doll.

The Moaning Emily is a really interesting toy to play since it gives many options to improve your fantasy. I would have enjoyed a soundtrack that responded to my rhythm while fucking the toy. In my opinion, this is what the Fleshlight Vibro should had been – a case with an integrated vibrator where you insert your favorite sleeve. They are still on time to it right!

Be aware that YouCups toys are difficult to buy in the USA, with some models available in E-bay and Amazon.
RPP Score:
Feedback: 4 / 5
Orgasm Buildup: 5 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Durability: 5 / 5
Value: 5 / 5

Total Score: 23 / 25