RPP Review #1: Lotus Lager / Lady Lager SIAC (mini lotus)

NOTE: This toy was officially discontinued by Fleshlight in favor of the Flight and the Fleshlight GO. You can still get the SIACs in some sex shops or during special Fleshlight sales.

So here is the first review from the Rubber Pussy Project (RPP) – the Lotus Lager  / Lady Lager SIAC. This masturbation sleeve is sold by ILF in their Fleshlight website  and it is part of their scaled down products for guys with smaller / thinner penises. (FYI, my penis is 5 inches long, 4.5 inches girth, and I am uncircumcised.) This sleeve was the first one I bought about 9 months ago and it stills feels as good as new. Currently, the Lotus Lager is sold as the Lady Lager – same sleeve, but with a different case color and graphics. The newer version – Lady Lager – has a golden color case in the shape of a beer can and a dark blue graphic label.

As established in the rules, I used the Lotus Lager for 5 consecutive nights, using a homemade mix of  Xantham Gum as the lubricant, and using it hands free in two occasions. Now, lets break down the review:


To produce pleasure, this sleeve has a series of different sized chambers that tries to replicate the feelings of vaginal sex. The intensity of this sleeve will vary greatly depending on the quantity of lube being used: the more lube you use, the smoother the texture will feel, meaning you won’t feel the ribs that change the sleeve diameter as much. I always begin with plenty of lube because I am not circumcised, so I don’t feel high intensity during the initial strokes. Once the lube begins to dry – the story changes. At that moment, I feel the material pressing and popping as my penis goes in and out of the sleeve, giving waves of subtle but constant pleasure.

With  SIACs, the diameter of the canal provides constant pressure around the penis and the case provides almost a vacuum seal, allowing suction to be a huge playing factor. You can modify the suction level to your liking – full suction will make difficult thrusting the sleeve while no suction at all allows to feel the whole variety of chamber sizes. You can control the duration of your session easily – mine lasted between 25 minutes (stroking at a medium pace) to an incredible 2 hours (free-hand method at a slow pace and edging).

Orgasms with this sleeve ranged from a good, satisfied one, to the toe curling, epic ones (the one after 2 hours falls in the “mother-fucking-vocal” epic category).

Intensity Score: 4 / 5. The curve of finding the right quantity of lube to use to fully enjoy the texture lowers the score to 4.

Tightness (5/5)
If you are looking for tightness, the SIACs are the place to look for. The SIACs are designed to provide tightness all around the penis – they are about 6 inches long with a diameter just above the quarter inch. In addition, the SIAC case allows you to modify the suction by adjusting or removing completely the end cap. Without the end cap, it feels like fucking that 18 years old virgin. WORD OF CAUTION: If your girth (measurement of your penis circumference when erect) is above 5.5 inches, the SIAC could be too tight for you. There are individuals with those measurements that had reported discomfort and rashes when using the SIACs.

 Likeness (4/5)
Once properly lubed, fucking the Lotus Lager feels pretty close to real vaginal sex. Unfortunately, the sleeve doesn’t have any interior texture such as bumps or ridges, leaving all the stimulation to the size variation of the main canal. Close, but not exactly the same…

Versatility (4/5)
The size of the sleeve is perfect for both manual stroking and free hand use, but the case can make both operations kind of difficult and sometimes dangerous. The case has a smooth surface and when stroking is pretty normal that some lube leaks from the top end – especially when using it without the end cap. That makes the case slippery, provoking certain incidents where the SIAC simply slips out of the hand. When using it free hand, I had to be extremely careful of not thrusting too hard to avoid the texture to cave in into the case – exposing the hard plastic ring of the case. That ring is pretty sharp and can cause abrasions and cuts – something that ILF had tried to solve in later SIAC models.

Lubricant use (5/5)

This sleeve retains lube perfectly, requiring to reapply or re-wet thelube only in sessions longer than 30 minutes. Applying lube to the penis head and the entrance of the sleeve is required to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the sleeve.

Use (4/5)
As written above, the main issue with using and setting up this sleeve is the lube quantity and the force of the strokes.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
All Fleshlights are pretty easy to clean – just open a faucet with cold or warm water and allow the running water to flush the interior. Since all fleshlights are open ended sleeves, running water through them between 20 and 60 seconds is more than enough to clean them. Adding some alcohol after each use helps to avoid any mold or fungi to develop inside the canal.

Drying (3/5)
This is probably the Achilles heel of this toy – it requires between 5 to 12 hours to dry completely without using any fan or blower. Hanging the sleeve in the open air to dry takes time due to the chamber structure and especially because of the inverted node at the beginning of the sleeve. That node retains water and humidity, so if there is a lot of humidity in the air, expect to have your Lotus Lager hanging for a few hours.

Maintenance (4.5 / 5)
The sleeve got disgustingly sticky after a few uses, something fixed by rubbing it with corn starch before storing it for a long time. To keep the toy in top condition, I cover it with corn starch whenever it is going to be stored for more than one week.

Tear and wear (5/5)
This was my first masturbation sleeve in a long time and it looks and feel just as brand new after 9 months of regular use. It has no visible tears as of today

Total score: 40.5 / 50


The Lotus Lager / Lady Lager SIAC is a good overall investment given that your penis measures less than 7 inches in length and / or 5.5 inches in girth.

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  1. The SIACs feel like that because they are TIGHT. Be advised that this was the first toy I bought – and still I use it with the same great results.

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