RPP#205: Svakom’s DOREEN

There are toys that get your attention because they are promoted like crazy by the manufacturer. Others get your attention because they are molded after a famous porn star. On the other hand, some toys go under the radar and get your attention due to having an unique shape, color, or concept. This is the case of Svakom’s DOREEN, a relatively low cost masturbator with a design offering three (3) orifices (vaginal, anal, and oral sex) in the same compact toy.

Is the Doreen a toy deserving more praise? Lets go to the review and check that out!

First Impressions

I got the Doreen from Svakom’s Amazon’s store, so it came in the typical “smiling box” used by the online giant. Inside, a clean, nicely designed box with the product was waiting for me.

The Doreen’s box has information written in plain English – a welcomed change from either the Chinese or badly translated English usually found in toys coming from China. The box shows you the three orifices, some information and nothing more.

But I was not going to play with a box, so I took out the toy and check if the claims written on the box were true. The product fits easily in one hand, measuring around 3 inches wide by 7.5 inches long. It has a weight close to 1 pound, so it feels sturdy enough to receive a good pounding.

Each one of the orifices has an unique textured channel connecting with the others at the middle of the toy. The textures of the anal and vaginal orifices are very organic, comparing favorably to the expensive Japanese meikis. The oral orifice is extremely realistic, having a set of soft plastic teeth and a tongue. The oral extreme of this toy looks just like a scaled down version of La Bocca de la Verita, one of my favorite oral sex simulators.

Look at that sexy mouth!

With all these characteristics, I was ready to start my experimentation with Doreen, so I lubed one of her orifices and went down “her”.


The first orifice I tested was the vaginal one. The orifice has a realistic look and the hole is tight but elastic. Once in, the texture is organic, feeling very realistic. I would say it compares to the older meikis, like the Young Sister I reviewed years ago. The material and the texture worked perfectly every time to give me good, long sessions with satisfactory orgasms.

Still looking great after 2 weeks of daily pounding!

The anal orifice also has a realistic texture and a small orifice that expands when you penetrate it. I was expecting it to rip after a couple of uses like most double orifices toys tend to do, but Doreen held like a champ even after one hard session (or two – nobody is counting).

The surprise of the review was definitively the oral orifice. As mentioned before, it looks like a scaled down version of la Bocca della Verita – and it feels just like it too. The mouth entrance of this toy does not only looks attractive, but it is well detailed. Just like La Bocca, this mouth has detailed textured mouth ceiling, tongue and white teeth. When penetrating the mouth side of the toy, you feel the soft scrapping of the teeth on your little friend and the tightness of the canal. It feels like a million bucks!

Again, it’s so damn sexy!

I mentioned before that all three tunnels join at the center of the toy. At all times I felt the tunnel as a single continuous texture feeling slightly different depending on the orifice I was penetrating, still each one with its own identity. Unless you have a monster dick, you will be able to experience the difference when you penetrate each one of Doreen’s holes.

Although this is basically an open ended toy, cleaning it can be a little difficult. The textures inside are organic, meaning the bumps and ridges can sometimes retain fluids even after you wash the toy. That applies to drying – water always get trapped and requires you to use paper towel or even a tampon to dry this toy completely.

As all TPE toys, be sure the toy is completely dry before storing it.


Svakom’s Doreen is a surprisingly good toy for those within a tight budget. Its three realistic orifices and textures make sure you do not regret spending a couple of dollars in this strange looking but very servicing masturbator.

Score: 21 / 25

Intensity: 4/5

Feedback: 4 / 5

Value: 5 / 5

Realism: 4 / 5

Maintenance: 4 / 5

Available at: Svakom (non-affiliated)

Model: Eri Nanjo (Kanojo Toys $)

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