Sex toys: The double standard

Why is that women can use sex toys and be sexy, adventurous, and “liberated” while a guy using a sex toy is creepy, lonely, and a pervert?

I hate adding one more entry of this topic to the thousands on the web, but that photo is like ten years old and still the opinions are the same. A guy using a pocket pussy – or simply admitting to enjoy masturbating- is a lonely, pathetic being. A woman admitting to have a few “toys” is empowered. What the FUCK?! It is simply stupid that we still consider male sex toys and male masturbation a taboo.
There are 5 vibrators and dildos for every single male masturbator on the market. Don’t believe me? Go to your favorite “adult novelty” store and compare the available models – you will be surprised. For every Fleshlight in stock, there are 5 “dongs”  on the same store. For every meiki sold, there are at least three bullet vibrators, one rabbit, and even maybe one of those power drill dildos available. Rubber pussies reproduce the labia of a porn star while a realistic dildo can have every single vein of a juiced bodybuilder penis. Fake pussies and sex dolls are life-size at best. On the other side, there are dildos with names like “King Dong” and “Destroyer” with sizes as long as 18 inches and girths up to 6 inches – wider than a soda can. So who is creepier? The guy fucking a Real Doll with real-life measurements or the woman trying to insert a dildo that can only belong to a well hung centaur? 
Fantasize with this when you are fucking that King Dong. You are welcomed!
Why am I ranting? Well, yesterday evening I went out with my girl, her best friend and her boyfriend. We were talking after watching a stand-up comedy act and the topic of sex toys came out after a joke with the punchline “Real men fuck real women”.  My girl began to make fun of the joke repeating the punchline while mimicking Tarzan (imagine a barely 5 feet tall, 100 pounds Asian doing this and believe me, you are going to laugh). The other guy on the table became defensive and began to say  he agreed with the joke – a real man would never need a damn rubber pussy. During the next few minutes, my girl simply had fun with the poor guy, mocking his commentary until he got furious and asked me to back him up. You can imagine his surprise when I told him “You are alone in this pal, I have a full collection of fake pussies at home!” 
The rest of the evening was an awkward conversation between my girl and her best friend about how she likes my use of toys. Yes, it is awkward to have two attractive women (an Asian and an African American in their early 30’s) talking on how one of them buys clothes for your sex dolls (clothes SHE can wear) and sometimes have threesomes with you and a fake pussy on a doll taller than her. Discussing my sex life here and on other Web forums is one thing, but discussing “El Casquetero” in real life is hard for me because I am very, very private about my sex life – I don’t even discuss it with my brother! 
That, and trying to avoid cumming in my pants whenever my girl’s friend looked at me and smiled knowingly.
So, lets stop all the bullshit. If you are a guy and you enjoy fucking a sex toy, or have a sex doll, you are not a lonely, antisocial, pervert loser. You are a common guy enjoying your sexuality. You are exactly like the empowered, powerful, sexy woman smiling on the next photo with her new power drill dildo. Ready to enjoy a good fuck… and maybe later renovate her dungeon.

“Why are you laughing like that? What are you doing with my hammer drill? No, no, noooooo!” 

Ok, that’s creepy!!!