So, I’m a loser…

During the weekend, I was talking with my neighbor about how difficult is to keep a relationship in the City. He was complaining about how crazy was his “female companionship” (read “hoe”) from the previous night. My neighbor is a 60 years old African American and his “companion” – who I always see in the building only on the 15th  and 30th of the month – is a fairly good looking 40 something woman. He was complaining that she was always asking him for money to pay for her cellphone, or her cable, or her nails, or her hair… the list kept going. I had to stay silent, because I think he was angry not for the money, but because he realized the truth: He is just one of her “sugar daddies”. 

He asked me if I ever had those problems and I answered the truth. “Nope… I prefer to have sex dolls than paycheck hoes.” His look was of disbelief until he said something about that I was too young to be using that “shit”. He even offered to hook me up with a hoe he knows. With so many “desirable and available young ladies” (notice the quote marks) in the area, why do I prefer to fuck a piece of rubber?

The answer is simple: I am not stupid. 

I don’t want to be yet another “sugar daddy” – a guy who shells out money to have the benefit of a relationship with a younger woman – and I am not the Latino version of Captain Save-A-Hoe (“Capitán Salva Putas”?).

Behold the Power of Breasts!

My neighbor is not the only one in that situation. Many of my coworkers have “sugar babies”, specially in Dominican Republic (I work with lots of Dominicans). They buy a house or apartment on the island for her, pay the mortgage and even give her money for daily expenses with one condition: She must be ready for him whenever he visits the Island. Meanwhile, she is fucking all the young guys in the neighborhood until the “old man” comes to visit once or twice in the year. All the involved are fine with arrangement: the older guy gets pussy, the younger guy also gets pussy, and the pussy gets a house, a car, and food on the table.

That shit not only happens in “third world” countries. In countries like USA, UK, and Japan, young women had realized the power of T&A to get easy money without a relationship or becoming “prostitutes”. I know lots of young women (some still in high school) who had resorted to be a “sugar baby” to have the latest smart phone, drugs, cars, designer clothes, or to really pay their college expenses. In the urban reality of NYC, most “sugar babies” are nothing more than “hoes” having two or more guys that pay her bills- one for the cell, other for the rent, other for clothing, and so on. Personally, I’m not signing for that.

The saddest part is that having a “sugar baby”, a “paycheck companion”, or fucking a prostitute is more acceptable among guys than using a sex toy.

It is more acceptable to pay the cell phone bill of  an 19-year old young woman, converting her into a prostitute, than to masturbate with a rubber pussy.

It is more acceptable to have a woman drink  enough alcohol in her system so she looses up and agreed to have sex with me (just three drinks, I want her to be awake) than buying a sex doll for me to fuck however I want, whenever I want.

Check her Wishlist… at your own risk!

It is more acceptable for a guy like me to spend my hard-earned money in buying expensive shit for a porn star that WILL NOT GIVE THE TIME OF THE DAY than buying a silicone doll.

It is completely acceptable to spend thousands of dollars in a club in strippers and go home with a whore than just masturbating at home while watching porn.

Are we stupid?

I think that if we are willing to spend lots of money for having the chance of sticking our little friend inside a vagina, then sometimes we are stupid. But it is not our fault… we have two heads and not enough blood to make both work at the same time. Call me a loser, a loner, a pervert, or a sick fuck, but I will keep fucking my dolls and my rubber pussies. They are cheaper and safer…

Hey, don’t get me wrong. If you prefer to play the game, spending money to get the hope of getting some pussy, go ahead, I’m no one to judge. But PLEASE, allow us who have decided to not play the game with the current rules to live our lives our own way. 
After all, we are all making our little friends happy in different ways!
Pictured: MY DICK!