Talking about the web

After a few crazy weeks at work and a well deserved vacation, your friendly neighbor Casquetero is back! I haven’t had the chance of “enjoying” my collection as I wished, so instead of a review, today I’ll write about a few interesting websites I’ve found in the last few weeks.

1. This is a torrent site dedicated to porn movies. They have a huge selection and it is even divided in general categories.the website is in Spanish, but they show the front cover of every movie, so you have an idea of what they are offering. The guy in charge of the web updates it a few times every week.

2. This is another option for you fans of Japanese sex toys. They are more expensive than Toy Demon, but they carry toys that TD doesn’t have in inventory yet or doesn’t plan to carry.

3. If you are a doll enthusiast, or have a teenager daughter, this site is a blessing. All the merchandise in this website is $5.99 or lower. Tops, dresses, skirts, jackets – everything is $5.99 or less. The clothes are not high quality, but for teens that wear something three times before throwing it away or for your doll, it is a good value. Most of the clothes my Venus R uses is from that website.

4. Similar to the 5.99 store, but here everything is $15 – and you’ll find some known brands like Timberland and Kenneth Cole among others.

5. If you are into bondage, S&M, or simply want to “walk” on the kinky side, this is the store for you. Japanese silk ropes, leather wear, dungeon furniture, fucking machines, harnesses, even male chastity belts! The website is crazy and surprisingly, their prices are not bad.

6. The name says it all – condoms, condoms, and more condoms. They carry a wide selection of brands and they also carry lubes and other things to make your sex life more interesting (to say the least).

7. When I bought my Venus R, I felt kind of weird. Recently, I found this website dedicated to sex dolls that simply made me smile. If you are a sex doll enthusiast (or feel weird having one), you should go to this website. You will realize that you are not weird and that adult dolls are somehow also taking their place in the West. The site has lots of information about different dolls in the market – plush dolls, silicone, foamies, etc. They also share ideas on how to take care of your doll and repair / mods ideas. The best part IMO is the user photo galleries where they share how their dolls are dressed in various poses – most of them in life like, non sexual situations.

8. A wholesale website with a huge selection of merchandise – medical supplies, school supplies, clothing and home ware. Although their prices are directed to wholesale, some of their merchandise is available for single item sale.

I haven’t forgot the RPP v2.0, but with all that is going on in my life at the time, it has been impossible to review any of the toys. But don’t desperate… I’m going to go for it!

Until the next post!