The Doll Life #10: Angelic Dolls

Ah, February – the month synonymous with Valentine’s Day, chocolates and flowers. Love is in the air, jewelry ads are dime a dozen, and of course, you better have some plan for V-Day!

loser valentine card
I got one like this a couple of years ago…

Well, for me February is just like any other month and my plans for Valentine’s Day include having guaranteed sex – not with a woman, but with one (or more) of my sex dolls. Which one of my inanimate lovers will be with me that day depends mostly on the state of my messed up back – and I am lucky to have a wide selection of dolls to ensure I can carry one regardless of how much my back hurts that day.

Part of my selection includes two scaled down anime dolls called the Angelic Dolls. These are Japanese cloth cuties that are perfect for travel due to their size and weight. So, are they any good? The only way to know is by testing them, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

Before ANYONE begins with their “Why these dolls even exist?!” bullshit, let me establish something: These are SCALED DOWN dolls. The Angelic Dolls are 1:2 scale dolls, measuring about 3.5 feet tall and they represent young Japanese adult women. Obviously, since they are half the size of an average adult, you cannot use adult clothing sizes. So have that in mind before judging…

That point cleared, I got these dolls in separate occasions from different vendors – OtonaJP and Kanojo Toys – but they are available from both. The available models (so far) are one in seated position (which I got from OtonaJP) and the cuddle version (which I got from Kanojo). The sitting doll included a kit with the face and face mask, wig, and a camisole. The cuddle version did not include anything.

Angelic Sitting Doll
Sitting Angelic

The dolls have the typical blank face found in many Japanese plush dolls, although the Angelics use the same face masks styles like the Usahane Air Doll. In fact, if you have an Usahane doll, I would consider the Angelics as its solid, plushy cousins because of the similar size.

Cuddle Angelic
Cuddle version

The Angelic Dolls are very light dolls – about 2.5 pounds each – so they are great for travel since they fit nicely inside most luggage. I would not put them in a carry on unless you have a very good story for TSA, but they are good for check-in bags and for land travel.

“Sir, is THAT what I think it is? (Damn, she’s cute!)”

The dolls have proportion representing your average 20 year old Japanese woman, so do not expect G-cups and big, round asses. The breasts are there, maybe a B-cup if they were life sized dolls, with noticeable hips. Hands and feet are mitten style with seams representing fingers and each doll has a single strategic placed hole (SPH) that accepts most medium sized Japanese onaholes.

Sitting doll all dressed up
She’s all dressed up!

All that said, I dressed up my little angels, put their masks, got some onaholes and took them to my testing grounds – including a trip to Atlantic City last November!


Like I said, I tested these dolls both at home and on the road, and I have to say I love them. I feel a little dirty every time I play with them, but still I fucking love them!

First of all, I love how light they are. Come on, at 2 pounds, playing with these dolls is more fun than playing with many TPE masturbators. I also love how easy is to customize these dolls. When I purchased them, Kanojo had two different character mask sets including six faces with expressions including smiling, surprised, embarrassed, pained (one eye closed), ahegao (orgasmic), and torogao (melting with pleasure) expressions.

The sets were based on two typical anime girl types: the dandere (shy girl) and the tsundere (the aloof, demeaning, teasing girl who is dying to suck your dick but will never admit it). Unfortunately, I do not see the sets anymore, but you can buy the different expressions separately when you buy the doll. In my pics on this review, the one with the black hair has the dandere mask while the blonde has the tsundere character mask.

Angelics chilling
My Angels chilling

Both dolls are soft and cuddly, although there are minor differences on the fabric used as skin. The “skin” of my sitting doll has a cotton jersey-like texture while the skin of the blonde is a more plushy fleece feeling to it. Still, both are fun and cuddly and can easily melt you during play…

Angelic in bondage
“Onee-chan, I promise I’ll behave!”

The SPH in these dolls will accept most mid-sized onaholes. Forget about adding a full sized Fleshlight to these dolls, but most onaholes from Toys Heart, A-One, and of course Tama Toys (the maker of these dolls) will fit without issues. I used a couple of different toys with them – from a Fleshlight Quickshot to the HEPS Otris – and the Angelic performed great every time.

Angelic posing
“C’mon pervert, anything you like?”

As you can notice in the photos, the dolls have nice figures… but being so small mean you need to use girls’ clothes to dress them. This tiny dolls use children size 4-5, guaranteeing you will feel a little bit uncomfortable every time you get clothes for these ladies.

Angelic looking shy
“Am I pretty?”


The Angelic Dolls are a pair of fun to play scaled down dolls from Japan. They are ultra light, easy to customize and perfect for travel. Unfortunately, they are on the expensive side – about $400 for the sitting model and about $300 for the cuddle version at the time of review – and that is before adding the additional cost of extra masks and wigs (which can be more expensive than full size wigs). Personally, if I haven’t purchased them months ago at introductory prices, I wont even consider them now…

Score: 24 / 25

Realism: 4 / 5.  They are small, but very sexy. The bodies follow realistic proportions, so they feel realistic given you have the right fantasy in your mind.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or even in a drawer.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Easy to clean – you can even machine wash them!

Weight: 5 / 5.

Available at: Otona JP, Kanojo Toys

Enjoying the views…

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