The Doll Life #11: Valentina Girls “Shalina”

I admit I have a major problem: I am addicted to experimenting new sensations. The main reason I keep trying new toys is because I am always looking for new, interesting sensations. That is the reason I have 50+ sex dolls although I have one penis…

A quick view of my apartment

That said, my favorite sex dolls are the fabric dolls. The type of fabric and its pile (basically the “hair length” of the fabric) make up for interesting experiences. Also, fabric dolls tend to be lightweight (between 5 and 20 pounds), a very important factor when you suffer from severe spine issues and chronic pain. Unfortunately, fabric dolls are more and more rare these days and being honest, their overall value has decreased since the introduction of relatively cheap ultrarealistic TPE dolls from China.

Fortunately, I found a fabric doll brand I had never experienced: Valentina Girls. If you have never seen these fabric dolls, I do not blame you. They have a limited social media footprint and honestly, they are the most cartoonish / muppet looking dolls I have seen. They look as if Sesame Street / The Muppet Show had received the adult “This IS NOT…” parody treatment.

I always found Janice sexy…

Guess what, I ordered two of these PILFs (Puppets I Like to Fuck) in two different body styles and options. This is the review for the “higher end” Shalina doll. Is this doll a good option or are Valentina Dolls too weird looking to be “sexy”? There is only one way to find out, SO LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

The first time I saw the Valentina Girls website was about a year and a half ago after a google search on plush dolls. Honestly, my first impression was “What the fuck?!”

These dolls have the biggest heads I have seen in a plush doll. Simply said, they look like Stewie from Family Guy – a big ass football shape dome. Obviously the faces are not realistic, looking like a sex-crazed Muppet instead of a sexy hentai girl. I had a chuckle and kept looking on other websites…

Shalina doll dressed
For some reason, I cannot look at her face…

Fast forward to last November. I ended again in Valentina’s website, but this time, I noticed other things besides the big balloon heads. First, the Valentina Girls come in a variety of body shapes – 10 different body styles with 2 different “skin colors” to choose from. Unlike the very popular Teddy Babes, which come in basically the same body type, Valentina Girls body types are what you can call “inclusive” because the bodies represent women ranging from skinny models to chubby housewives… hell, they even added an alien body type with a HUGE freaking tail!

Besides the variety of body types, Valentina Girls have something unique in the fabric doll section: Three usable orifices. Yes, the Valentina Girls can give you oral and anal – given you put an insert on those areas. With the huge collection of sleeves in my possession, that was not an issue, so the only question left was if I could maintain an erection while humping these fluffy, fleece dolls.

The dolls are available in three different options: Travel, Cuddle, and Super Performance. The Travel version is just the “skin” which you fill with your favorite material, the Cuddle comes prefilled with polyfiber but has no skeleton, and the Super Performance has a light skeleton. The prices vary starting at around $200 for most Travel versions going up to $460 for the Super Performance version. Compared to $700 minimum for Japanese fabric dolls and $1000 for Teddy Babes, Valentinas provide a good value!

For full disclosure, the Shalina Valentina I received was their “Super Performance” after an upgrade offered by the company in exchange of this review (I paid for a Cuddle version). I ordered them by the third week of November and by the end of the following week I was receiving a midsize box with my order. Not bad considering these dolls are shipped from Sweden!

The order included my two dolls, two Fleshlight sized strokers, two wigs, two swatches of the fleece materials and some instructions on how to attach the wigs to the big ass football heads. The Shalina looked like a Chinese contortionist inside the box, but removing her from the package was quick and easy – just like unpacking those expensive foam mattresses.

Generally speaking, my first impressions of Shalina were more positive than expected. Yes, the doll has a big head, but it goes well with the caricature proportions of this specific model. Shalina is 5 ft-2 in tall, making it a full-size doll. The weight is less than 8 pounds (3.5 kg) and the measures are 44-26-36 inches (112-66-96 cm) so we are dealing with a big tiddies doll with a well defined waist / hip ratio. Right away, I liked that the arms have no skeleton but you can feel the skeleton in the rest of the body – including the head.

Shalina doll headshot

Talking about heads, placing a wig in these dolls is unlike any other. Instead of just placing the wig, you need to tie the wig through a series of hoops on the doll’s head. Valentina Girls includes a shoelace for you to perform the operation, which is weird the first time you do it, but quick and easy.

What distinguish this brand from other plush dolls is the fact you have vaginal, oral and anal options. Each one of the orifices accept sleeves of different sizes for a complete experience – and that was something I wanted to test right away! Unfortunately, I had a long trip planned that will have me away from home between December up to mid January, so Shalina stayed all dressed with nowhere to go until I came back 6 weeks later…


I could not touch the Shalina Valentina until late January when I returned from my trip. (I tested the Travel doll during part of that trip, check her review HERE). The review order really does not matter – what matters is how this doll feels – and I have to say that Shalina feels GREAT!

Lets begin with the doll “skin”. Valentina Girls are made with a fleece skin, so they are super soft to the touch. Also, fleece has the characteristic of maintaining warmth, and that is a big plus, specially during the cold winter months. Sleeping with this doll feels like having a plush full body pillow with a nice ass and big tits – that is how comfortable this doll is!

Shalina in bondage
Shalina tied down with Fleshlight SILK inserted

As I mentioned before, Valentina Girls allow you for vaginal, anal, and oral experiences given you have toys that fit the orifices. Good thing is the vaginal cavity easily accepts toys as big as a regular sized Fleshlight giving you plenty of options of toys to use. The anal orifice accepts small toys like the Apollo or the Mood. The oral option is a totally different thing though…

Did I mention Valentina Girls big ass heads? Well, there is a reason for that! These big heads allow you fit a wide variety of toys to be used in the oral orifice, specially since you fit the toy from the back of the head. Fleshlights Pilots, Fleshlights Quickshots, HEPS OTRIS, and even a full size penis pump fit perfectly allowing you to have fantastic “blowjobs”. That is something unique!

Yep, that there is a penis pump in her mouth… She likes to suck hard!

The Super Performance version has a light skeleton (PVC?) that provides sufficient support for the torso and legs sections for a variety of sexual positions. I personally loved that the arms have no skeleton because for sleeping there is nothing better than having a soft plushy doll arms around your neck. If you like photography, the skeleton is not substantial enough to allow the doll to stand up, but you can be extremely creative with sitting and lying down poses.


If you are in the market for a fabric doll, you MUST consider Valentina Girls models. They have a variety of body types and options providing extreme value in a category that is becoming rare. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Time for anal…

Score: 23 / 25

Realism: 4 / 5.  Full size dolls with variety of measurements. Shalina has great proportions, although I would love her behind to be better defined.

Storing: 4 / 5. Because of the skeleton, Shalina is not super easy to store. Still easily placed inside a closet inside luggage or military parachute bags.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Easy to spot clean

Weight: 5 / 5. Less than 8 pounds – enough said!

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