The Doll Life #12: Valentina Girls BAMBINA

In the previous The Doll Life, I introduced my Shalina Valentina doll – an interesting plush doll with very unique characteristics. Today I will introduce her “cousin” the Bambina Valentina, a doll with similar characteristics (three usable orifices, a big ass head) but this specific model is Valentina Girls “Travel” version. This is basically the empty husk of the doll and it is designed for you to take your favorite fuckable body pillow on the road. Is this doll a good option to take on your next trip? There is only one way to find out, SO LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

As I mentioned in the Shalina review, the Bambina came rolled up in a plastic bag. The size was about a 12 inches tall cylinder with a 8 inch diameter, not a huge log in any case. Still, I did not bother with the doll until I had a business trip to San Antonio, Texas in mid January. Then I decided to give this doll a baptism of fire and take her on the road for her first test, so I packed her in my check-in luggage with a wig, two travel sleeves and a piece of cheap lingerie – all of it nicely packed in one of those sling bags. Total weight added to my luggage was about 3 pounds most of it due to the sleeves.

Now, the filler material was going to be an issue. The original plan was to use 13-gallon trash bags and hotel pillows to fill the doll (hotels always give you too many pillows), so I packed 3 rolls of bags for a total of 45 cheap 99 cent store trash bags. With that in the luggage, I set my hopes on having enough filler to have a bed companion for my 5 nights and avoid hiring a professional in San Antonio.

Bambina right out of the bag, ready to being filled!
Bambina right out of the bag, ready to being filled!

Guess what? The pillows were too big to put through the opening, so the bags would have to do. Unfortunately, the 45 bags I brought with me were not enough, so the following day I went to a local CVS and purchased an 80 count tall kitchen bags. After 5 hours between 2 days filling a doll with freaking 125 tall kitchen bags, I finally got something usable as a bed companion. Placed a wig and the cheap red lingerie and I had my bed companion for the next 4 nights!

Yep, I used 125 of these…

Once filled, the Bambina is 5 ft, 2 in tall (157 cm) and has measures of 44-27-43 inches (112 – 68 – 109 cm), meaning this portable lady has a nice hourglass figure with a well defined backside and large C-cups. The weight will vary depending on the filler you use, but my trash-bag filled companion was around the 6 pounds mark.

With that said, I placed my trusted Fifi Dominator in Bambina’s vaginal hole and prepared myself to trash my hotel room with Bambina…

Bambina lying down
Bambina lying down on hotel bed.


I have to admit a doll filled with nothing but trash bags feel weird, but she still was a decent companion. I had no issue in placing the Fifi in her vaginal orifice and the sessions I had in the hotel were satisfactory. Bambina was a little bit too floppy for my taste, specially by the third evening, but that was because of the insufficient filling material. The best sessions? The two anal sessions using a Mood sleeve were the best. Bambina has a nice round ass and hitting it feels great! After the four nights, I emptied my companion, packed the insane 125 trash bags in my luggage, packed my companion and went back home. The best part, I do not have to worry about buying trash bags for the rest of the year…

Bambina Valentina doll
Bambina with the new filler at home…

Back home, I decided to fill Bambina with heavy polyfill fibers I had. To make it easier to modify and taking her in future trips I decided to put the filler in bags, then stuffed the bags inside the doll. This method gave Bambina a fuller consistency and little bit more weight (now she is around 10 pounds). Now she feel even better, and that ass looks fantastic!

Like the Shalina, the Bambina feels great as a sleeping companion. The fleece skin feels good and having three orifices accepting a myriad of toys is a big plus, but the biggest plus of the Travel Bambina is how creative you can be with this doll.

Bambina doll backside

The main advantage of this doll is her flexibility. By changing the filler material you completely change how she feels. Want a lighter doll? Use a light material like polyester fibers. Want a heavier doll? Use fabric scraps or clothes as filler. Want to be creative? Use bags to create a dual density doll filling some bags with polyester fibers and others with foam, bean bag pellets, or heavy duty fiber. Got tired of a consistency? Change the filler! There are infinite options…

Another thing I love about the Travel series is their lack of an skeleton. Being “floppy” allows positions and poses with Bambina that are more difficult with Shalina. Also, the response to thrusts varies with the filler material, and to me, that is a big part of the fun!


As I said before, if you are in the market for a fabric doll, you MUST consider Valentina Girls models. The Bambina is for those who likes big hips and round asses, so check her (or Roselina, if you prefer darker skin). If you are like me and have a job that requires extended travel, the Travel option is a big plus, although you will need to do some homework in finding a filler that is easy to transport for air travel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Score: 25 / 25

Realism: 5 / 5.  Full size dolls with variety of measurements. Bambina has great proportions, specially that ass…

Storing: 5 / 5. Because this is their Travel version, you just need to empty and roll to pack for air travel or long term storage. She has no skeleton, so you can fold and stuff in a big duffel bag or luggage.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Easy to spot clean

Weight: 5 / 5. Less than 8 pounds – enough said!

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