The Doll Life #14: Mini Love Dolls IVY

Sometimes I purchase a doll with the intention of reviewing it right away… and time passes on before I sit my ass down to write a review on that doll. That was the case with today’s lady…

I purchased this Mini Love Doll (MLD from now on) more than a year ago. I have one of their older models (check the review here), and when I saw they were back in business after a hiatus with a smaller, sexier doll, I realized I needed to get one! Of the models available, I picked Ivy, a brown redhead with a very playful look and had been playing occasionally with her without reviewing… until today! Is this mini doll one you should consider getting? There is only one way to know, so LET’S GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

Comparing this new version of the MLD with the previous one circa 2013 is useless – they are two totally different entities. The original MLDs were fully functional dolls (3 orifices) and their faces were borderline manly. This new version has definitively feminine looks, better curves (she’s what the kids call THICC), but because Ivy is a lot smaller, she only has vaginal functionality.

MLD Ivy open legs

Besides the looks and the size (just 25 inches tall), there are other big differences between the two iterations of MLDs. This smaller diva has what I call a support skeleton – basically some sort of skeleton to give shape to the material, but not functional for anything else. The doll has no spine or hard neck support, so for all practical purposes this girl is floppy. Her only functional hole can fit 5.25 inches of meat and it has a similar ribbed design to the original, although I find this new design a little bit more pronounced.

MLD Ivy ass
Dat ass!

An interesting thing about these dolls is that their eyelashes are part of their body – yep, their lashes are made of silicone. Personally, I love that detail because most of my dolls have lost their eyelashes and replacing them is not in my to-do list. Too complicated and precision based – and I do not have the energy or the pulse to deal with eyelashes, so I welcome this detail!

That said, how does she vapes fuck? Lets go and check it out!


I have to admit that playing with this doll is fun, but it can have some frustrating moments.

It is fun because of her size and flexibility. Just above two feet tall, Ivy can stretch her legs enough to sit on my crotch without issues – a feat other dolls of larger size had problems to achieve. Also, she is basically hollow in the vaginal canal, so sometimes she will let out a queef or two, adding a fun “feedback” aspect. Since I prefer to play while lying on my back, she is perfect on that sense.

Next to a notebook for scaling purposes

The vaginal texture is simple but very effective. The ribs are a little bit more pronounced than in the 2010’s model, so the stimulation is more pronounced. Still, for such a small girl, Ivy fits like a glove – not too tight given you do not have a monster dick. If you are in the 3 – 5 inches girth size, this MLD will treat you right…

Because she is super flexible, you have to be careful when playing in certain positions and speeds. The head / neck movement is funny while it is moderate, but you can easily break something if you get too excited – remember, she is basically floppy.

As said, she can be very flexible…

Cleaning her is very easy – just take her with you to the shower… and maybe have some more fun there too!

The only negative thing I have to say about this doll is that getting clothes for her is almost impossible. I tried with clothes for 1:3 dolls (her scale), but because of her dimensions, clothes don’t fit the breast or the hips. I have to keep looking for some outfits, but until then, she will roam naked…


This more recent version of the Mini Love Doll is their most extreme so far – the nice sexy looks, the small, fairy sizes – but it is also very effective. The doll is small, portable, and very fun to play with, giving those of us with a small girl fetish a great option. The body shape is definitively adult, so if you have a fairy fetish and are willing to shell out $550, take a look at Mini Love Dolls and check one of their 6 mini succubi.

Score : 22 / 25

Realism: 3 / 5.  The proportions are perfect for my taste, but remember, this is a 25 inch tall doll…

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or drawer.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain. Platinum silicone that can become a lint magnet at times.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. 

Weight: 5 / 5. Perfect for those with back / arm injuries.

Available at: Mini Love Dolls