The Doll Life #15: Tantaly’s SCARLETT

One of my favorite actresses is no other that Ms. Scarlett Johansson – a.k.a Black Freaking Widow. I do not agree with all her politics or her social views, but I will be the first one to admit she looks great – no matter if she is a blonde, brunette, redhead, or even bald…

Now, I know she is TOTALLY out of reach, but that does not mean a man cannot dream. When my good friends at offered one of their torsos for review, I looked at their selection and their SCARLETT model caught my interest. Not because of the name (come on, I am not obsessed with Ms. Johansson!), but because this torso is a little curvy package looking like a compact sexy Black Widow in the tight black spandex…

Or the white GITS costume… I’m not picky!

So, was the Scarlett torso as satisfying as a fantasy with Ms. Johansson in her Black Widow costume? (or her Ghost in the Shell costume, or her Lucy lingerie, or… whatever the hell she wants to wear!) The only way is to keep going, so LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

The torso arrived in a plain brown box with the mail man telling me “Careful it’s a little bit heavy!”. Well, Scarlett is not that heavy – she is around 15 pounds and measures about 16 inches tall by 13 inches in her widest point. Inside the box I found our new lady inside a sealed double plastic bag and nothing else.

Taking her out of the box, I realized I had forgotten how a TPE doll feels. Although I have two scaled-down TPE dolls (Mariah and Sheila), I barely use them and he majority of my ladies are either cloth or silicone dolls. The TPE is so soft and flesh-like that just taking her out of the bag is an experience.

Scarlett’s body is about 16 inches tall and it has the shape of an athletic young woman. Imagine one of those 20-something fitness models very popular in Instagram and Twitch and you get the idea of the body style of this doll – fit but not muscular. The breasts are nice and round and they are the perfect size to grab and the ass – oh, dat ass! – is just asking to be grabbed all day long. To add, the torso has two usable canals (vaginal and anal) each with unique organic textures. The external details on both the vulva and anus are incredible – the pussy is plump and the labia is short and tight. The anus has a detailed texture on the outside while the breasts have two of the most succulent nipples I have seen in a sex doll in a while. You just want to suck and softly bite those nipples while falling sleep…

Look at that nice nipple…

As always, I fingered the canals to check what could I expect, and man, the internal texture is insane! Both the vagina and anus have complex organic textures promising interesting sessions. Although Tantaly’s promotional material about this doll says the canals are tight, I could predict the tunnels would not be too tight for my little friend because of the elasticity of the TPE. This is SOFT TPE and it wrapped my finger like a glove… I just wanted to feel that softness around my little friend, so I lubed both canals, fired up my PornHub account on my TV and got ready to have some fun!

Soft and juicy… just like I like them!


After using this doll for two weeks, I have to say it exceeded my expectations! To begin, this torso has a “skeleton”! This skeleton is basically a frame you can feel in her back, but it is perfect since it gives the TPE body a better structure, making it easier to move around – remember, this doll weights 15 pounds – , so the skeleton provides a welcomed support and stability.

Not only the doll looks awesome and is easy to move around, but those canals are impressive. The canals have tight entrances (less than 1/2 inch in diameter), but they are easy to enter thanks to the elasticity of the TPE formulation used in the doll. Once inside get ready to feel engulfed by the organic textures. They are mostly ribbed, but the canals have curved sections, raised bumps and choke points that keeps your little friend busy and interested at all times.

The thing I enjoyed the most about the Scarlett doll was how engulfing are those canals. The material is very soft and flexible, so once in, my penis felt as if a hand was softly squeezing it in every out stroke. That was due to the suction created by the close ended canals which created this satisfying “POP” whenever I suddenly removed myself from either Scarlett’s pussy or ass. The textures become intense at points, so you need to pace yourself to avoid shooting too soon!

Talking about shooting, I would recommend cumming outside the doll or using a condom just to simplify the cleaning process. This is a close-ended toy, so if you finish inside the tunnels, you better clean this lady ASAP to avoid mold growing inside the toy. Since I am a lazy fuck, I either used a rubber or made bukkake sessions with Scarlett. Cleaning the exterior of the doll with a damp cloth is 50 times easier than cleaning the canals of a 15 pound mass of wet, slippery TPE – and then trying to dry that mas completely before storing it… too much work!

A word of caution…

I barely deal with TPE dolls, so I completely forgot how easily this material get stained with clothes – any dark colored clothing going in contact with TPE “skin” will “bleed” and stain your doll. The stains will eventually be “absorbed” by the TPE, but until that happens, you will have a marked lady.


You can see in some of the photos the stains of the metallic red bikini. I put the bikini on the doll to take the photos with the idea of removing it right away, but as usually happens, I got distracted and the bikini stayed on the doll for day and a half. You can see the consequences of my distraction in some of the photos… still Scarlett was nailed appropriately!


Personally, this Tantaly torso model surpassed my expectations. Not only Scarlett is the perfect size and weight to have in a small room / apartment, but she has a little sexy body that can turn on a dead guy. The breasts and booty beg you to grab, slap, and bite (if you are into biting) and the two orifices are a pleasure, perfect for long slow sessions. For the cost (about $150), this is a high value doll for any enthusiast!

Hey, Scarlett, lets have ANOTHER round!


Realism: 4 / 5.  This is a scaled down doll, equivalent to a 100 / 110 cm full doll. The measurements are perfect for that scale.

Storing: 4 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or drawer. Be aware that because of the 15 pounds, some drawers wont be appropriate.

Maintenance: 3 / 5. Easy to maintain. Be careful with dark colored clothes because they will bleed and stain your doll.

Cleaning: 5 / 5.  Suggest a condom / cumming outside to minimize cleaning

Weight: 5 / 5. A little bit on the heavy side for handheld use, but perfect for bed / desk use. She can take a pounding!

Available at:

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