The Doll Life #17: The Best Artificial Girlfriend

Having the harem of sex dolls I have brings up a common question: “Which one is the best one?” Well, the answer is always the same: It depends.

Why it depends? It does because the “best” doll is the one that best matches what you are planning to do with it and your personality. Of course, they are sex dolls, so I assume you will end up having sex with it one way or another, but that is the reason “it depends”. Some dolls are made with materials that can handle a brutal pounding, while others will break if you fuck them too hard. Other dolls look beautiful and extremely realistic, but can be too tight for even the tinniest penis in the world while another doll could be extremely realistic, but way too heavy for you to handle. So that is why I say “it depends”.

Some of my Teddy Babes

Those situations are the background of my collection. I found early on that some dolls are better for certain acts, so I started a collection of dolls from different brands looking for the “perfect one” – which, by the way, I have not found after 10 years.

Still, I can tell you what, in my personal experience are the best dolls for different situations, so lets go!

Best doll for rough sex: Laerdel medical mannequins

Yes, these are not sex dolls per se, but I have not found a better sex doll for rough sex than these medical mannequins. These mannequins are solid plastic with a metal supported core, so they are in the heavier side (40 pounds) and their joints are made to simulate real human range of motion. Most importantly, they are designed to be used as tools in medical schools, so they are built like mother fucking tanks. They are not super pretty, and modifying their bodies is a high risk option, but you can pound the shit out of them (after placing a Fleshlight or other toy in their vaginas) and they will survive it. Have in mind I am a 300 pound guy and I have two I had been banging for years – and I am very happy with my ugly plastic girlfriends.

Say hi to “Nina”, one of my Laerdel dolls…

Best for regular sex: Ruby 13 and Private Island Beauties (tie)

I have one each of these dolls and love both. They are semi-floppy dolls since their arms and legs do not have the detailed skeleton for posseability like other dolls, but they feel fantastic when fucking. They are heavy dolls (85 pounds), but that weight give them a realistic feedback in every trust. The big problem is that Ruby 13 is basically out of business – so you can only get them used. PIBs are still in the market, but be warned there were rumors about Patrick (PIB’s owner) moving from silicone to TPE due to the high cost and the difficulty of competing with Chinese dolls.

This foxy lady is “Michelle”, my Ruby 13…

Best for cuddling: Valentina Girls

If we are just talking about cuddling, this would be a five-way tie between Valentina Girls (Sweden), Teddy Babes (USA), the Meiki Doll series from ToyDemon (USA), Dekunoboo (Japan) and A-One models (Japan). In this case, I considered the cost of each of brand, and with that deciding factor, Valentina Girls win by a mile.

Bambina Valentina doll
My Bambina Valentina, a.k.a “Pamela”

Valentina Girls are soft and cuddly regardless of the model or type of doll you pick, but is their availability from around $200 for the lowest priced model that bring them ahead of the pack. Are they pretty? Not really. Are they realistic? Pfft, hell no! Do they feel great when you cuddle them in a cold night? HELL YEAH! The customization range and the different models available make them even a better option for collectors like me… gotta catch them all!

Shalina in bondage
I think “Shana”, one of my Valentina Girls seems to be tied up with something...

Best doll for newbies: Meiki Doll Evo

More recently, I had been recommending the Meiki Doll series from ToyDemon for anyone asking for a first doll. These dolls are made after the look of Japanese cloth dolls (no faces), but their proportions are very realistic and they are a great value for the price.

The newest of their models is the full body Evo model (the previous models were torsos, one without head or arms, the other without legs), and it is a great value for a newbie in the doll hobby. For $350, you get a full doll with realistic proportions (Japanese adult proportions) from an American store (ToyDemon is located in Illinois) with rotating legs and a soft fill. The doll is styled after other brands of Japanese dolls (mostly A-One’s popular “Angel” style dolls), so it does not have a face, nipples, or any accessory. The cool part is that it is a blank slate for all your fantasies – and compared to the $800 for a Teddy Babe or an A-One from Japan, the Meiki Evo is a great option to start.

Best doll for anime fans: A-One’s Eri Nanjo and Aoi Himeno

If you are an anime fan, the dolls from A-One and more specifically their Eri Nanjo and Aoi Himeno dolls are perfect for you. First, they are from a Japanese brand, so the proportions are from young adult Japanese women (although for Western standards, they will use early teen girls clothes). These are cloth dolls without a skeleton, so they are good for cuddling, but the major advantage is their rotating legs. Of course, they have cute anime faces which I love since for some reason they always remind me of a Muppet / Sesame Street puppet (with a hole for a toy).

This is “Gisselle”, my Aoi Himeno

The major issue with these dolls is their availability. At the time of posting this, they were not available at either of the Japanese stores they were available before (Otona JP and Kanojo Toys). If you are able to find them, be ready to spend a hefty premium because you will have to import them from Japan – and the shipping will rip you a new one!

Plush delight at the 2017 TDF Doll Meet. My Eri Nanjo “Erika” is on the far left hand, my Teddy Babe “Afi” is the Black one…

Best budget doll (below $200): Tomax Nui torso / Valentina Girls Travel models (Tie)

If you want to experience a solid doll, but your budget is limited to less than $200, then there are two solid options I find equally good. The Tomax Nui is a torso (no head, hands, or legs) with realistic proportions for less than $100. When you purchase this torso, you receive a cloth shell for you to fill with your favorite material(s). You can use any light material like poly fiber, bean bags foam, or cotton balls to stuff your new lover, put a toy in her canal and have fun – then hide it in a standard pillow case or remove the stuffing. It is perfect for travel, to experiment new things or simply to add to your collection.

My Nui doll

Lets say you prefer full dolls because you know, headless dolls can be creepy to some. In that case, Valentina Girls offers all their models as a travel option. Just like the Nui, you get the empty husk of the doll for you fill with your favorite material. The cost varies by the doll model, but as a rule of thumb they are about $50 cheaper than their cuddle versions and start in $150. Be ready to use about 15 to 25 pounds of poly fiber to fill most models.

Best doll for realism: Smart Doll from AINI dolls

Personally, I like my artificial girlfriend to be a quiet one, but many guys out there are extremely excited for the advent of “sex robots” or like I call them, interactive sex dolls. If you want a doll to be interactive, there are models in the $10,000 (Real Robot from Real Dolls) but a good option is the Smart doll from AINI dolls.

These are TPE dolls in full adult size that you can customize to have either a moaning system or a more complex smart system allowing them to have short conversations with you. I reviewed one of their moaning models (also equipped with heating capabilities), and to my surprise I did enjoy it, so if you want a talking doll, consider one of their models.

Well, there you have them – the best dolls (in my humble opinion) for different scenarios. There are many, many brands I have not experienced yet, so I could have a different opinion later on. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to have? Let me know in my social media – and will see you later!