The Doll Life #18: Peculiar Art’s Bunny Doll

As many of you know, I have many sex dolls…way too many dolls. At the start of this year I decided to not buy any other sex doll simply because I do not have more space to place them, but like always, I ended ignoring my resolutions.

Yes, I bought yet another sex doll…

About two months ago, I saw a twit from a company called Peculiar Art (Twitter: @art_peculiar) specializing in furry plushies. Basically, they make life size plush dolls (5 – 6 feet tall) based on anthropomorphic animals – horses, lions, wolves, and other animals including the topic of this review, a rabbit… A plush doll that is clearly inspired in maybe the most famous female bunny of all times: Lola Bunny from Space Jam.

Lola “Hot Mama” Bunny

I am not a furry, but as many people of my generation (Generation X FTW!), I grew up watching cartoons full of anthropomorphic animals. Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales and many, many others were like a training ground to become a furry. But most of these characters were not sexually attractive in their design…until Lola Bunny appeared in Space Jam (the one with Jordan, not the shit stain with LeBron…).

She was THICC before the word was invented…

Lola Bunny was not the first female anthropomorphic cartoon character with curves (Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers has her appeal), but she was different for a couple of reasons. Where the other female cartoon characters were playful or innocent in nature, Lola Bunny was definitively sexualized.

She was the female version of Bugs Bunny – crazy, unapologetic, and not afraid of using sex as a weapon when needed. Her outfits were showing her curves, and her Toon Squad uniform showed lots of skin. To complete the package, she was sassy and a complete tease. Even those of us in college back in 1996 when Space Jam came out took notice on how sexy that character was…

She was cool and all, but she was an innocent nun compared to Lola…

So when I saw that twit from Peculiar Art offering these life size dolls for just $400, I knew I had to have one! Was this purchase a good one? Lets go to the review!

Peculiar Art’s Peculiar Ordering Method

The process to buy this doll was unique. Peculiar Art is located outside the United States (they are in Kazakhstan) and they do not have a website. Originally you could order via Etsy, but at the time I ordered, you had to contact them via Twitter or Discord.

Once you contact them, they respond very quickly and guide you through the process. They use a Russian company to process their payments – common in their location – and the payment is divided in four transactions (do not know why, but maybe restrictions on Russian companies due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict). Although the purchasing is not direct as getting something from Amazon, it was pretty quick and the price included shipping and taxes, so it was a bargain in my opinion. A couple of days after my transactions cleared, I received a Discord message with a DHL tracking number.

About a month later, I received a bag containing my own version of Lola Bunny to have some playing time…

From the former USSR with love…

The Doll

Yes, the packaging is unconventional, but the plush doll is not. My Bunny is around 5 feet – 8 inches tall from ear to toe (I am 5′-7″ for reference, so this bunny is as tall as me), and as many brand new plushies, she arrives a little bit stiff. That happens because they are over stuffed and will take a few days of use to soften. Mine softened after three days of sleeping besides me.

When ordering, you can request the breast size, and as you can see, I ordered mine with big breasts. She has a nice figure, with wide hips and a noticeable thinner waist still in a proportional way.

Those are some Big Ol’ Titties!

Selecting clothes for the Bunny – who I renamed Haru – is easy. She wears size Small (US) and as you see in the pics, she fills those clothes completely…

Dat ass! And dat tail!

Peculiar Art allows you to order the plush with either male bits or female bits. I ordered mine with female bits and I have to say I love the quality of this plush doll. The eyes, nose, and mouth are stitched , and the fluffy fur on her head, tail, and cuffs is very soft and perfect for sensation play. I have become addicted to her ears and tail…they feel so good!

Obviously, this is a sex doll, so it has two strategically placed holes (SPH) – vagina and anus. The vagina is designed to accept inserts such as onaholes and sleeves up top the legendary Fleshlight. The anus is smaller, but can use smaller inserts if you want.

“Come her Big Boy and give me your carrot…”

Having many different plush sex dolls, I am usually not expecting a nice looking pussy on these dolls. After all, they are designed to have an insert in that spot. Peculiar Art’s Bunny, on the other hand, has a nicely detailed vulva, with defined labia and even a clitoris. Nicely done!

Nice pussy for a plush doll!

The Experience With Her

After having this Bunny on my bed for the last month, I have to say I will be getting other dolls from Peculiar Art in the future. The doll does not have a skeleton, so photographs require some creativity, but once softened, she is a cuddle monster. The fabric used for her “skin” has a good pile, not being too fluffy, giving and retaining body heat nicely. The fur on her head, tail and wrists is fluffy and very touchable (the wrist fur is removable) and stroking the back of her head and her tail has become a sleeping ritual for me.

Sex-wise, she is life-size and does not have a skeleton, so you can perform various different positions – some of them impossible ones if she had a skeleton. Since her pussy accommodates most toys, you can enjoy a variety of sensations by either going in her holes straight or with your favorite sleeve. I got a sleeve from Peculiar Art for just $20 extra (generic Chinese fleshlight), but I have used brand Fleshlights and even one of my Bad Dragon pussies. The tight canal on this doll kept the toy in place while not bothering my enjoyment.

Also, if you want to experience this plush penetrating you, you can easily use a full size strap-on with her because her hips and waist are completely human sized. So you can make all those futanari fantasies a reality…

The Verdict

As I said before, I am not a furry, but I will be buying other dolls from Peculiar Art in the future. For the price, you get a high quality plush that does exactly what needs to do. They have other anthropomorphic animals there that got my attention – specially the mares and the felines -, and now they are also making more human-like characters. Maybe a cat girl, or the mare will be next…

Score: 20 / 25

Realism: 4 / 5.  Yes, it is an anthropomorphic animal, so not too realistic…but the body proportions are perfect for a life size doll.

Storing: 3 / 5. This babe is full size, so you better have a nice place to display her…

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain. Just like most plushies, avoid getting her wet

Cleaning: 4 / 5. 

Weight: 5 / 5. Perfect for those with back / arm injuries.

Available at: Peculiar Art (Twitter: @art_peculiar)

Even Lola agrees that Haru is HOT!