The Doll Life #4: Dekunoboo’s My Wife Series S

I’m baaack!

To start this new “season” of The Casquetero Files, I am reviewing a brand of dolls that was one of my “white whales” – Dekunoboo. For those of you new to the doll hobby, Dekunoboo is a Japanese manufacturer of fabric and foam dolls with realistic faces and super light dolls and torsos – just 5 pounds on the torsos and 10 pounds on the full sized dolls. They are also famous because they feel like no other doll in the market thanks to the mix of cotton and foam micro beads used by Dekunoboo as filler material.

These dolls are usually only available in the USA through a retailer – such as Kanojo Toys – and they tend to be slightly expensive when compared to other entry-level dolls. Fortunately for me, Kanojo Toys had a good Black Friday sale and I was able to get not one, not two, but three of Dekunoboo’s plushy torsos – also known as “hug pillows” or “sex pillows”. I got the Yuka Venus Body, the My Wife Series G, and the main topic of this review, the My Wife Series S.

Was the wait worth it? Lets go to the review!

Video Review

First Impressions

Opening the box, I was greeted with a colorful white and orange packing paper. I found the packing paper so cool – white with orange prints of soda bottles and candy pieces – that I recycled it and used it for my Holiday gifts!

Besides the colorful paper, the contents inside the box were simple: the dressed torso with the attached Mirai head mask and an additional bag containing the standard black wig included when you purchase a head with this torso. Everything was inside plastic bags and well packed with light foam and bubble wrap. Typical of this brand, the head is a hollow mask with a couple of foam-filled fabric bags to be used to fill the “crown” of the head before placing the wig on its place.

The dimensions of this torso are lifelike. The height is about 2 feet tall (without the head), with measurements of 24-19-35 inches (63-48-89 in centimeters). You can notice the thin waist of this doll which gives “her” the name – the “S” stands for slim – and the nice hips, perfect to position your hands when playing with your new “wife”.

Check those hips!

The torso comes dressed from the factory with a random set of matching bra and panties. The set is on the mid-price range – not the cheapest stuff found on eBay. Although nice looking, the bra was padded (which I do not like in dolls), and soon I found out why. The doll is basically flat chested, using foam breast forms. Unfortunately, the forms included with the doll are smaller versions of the foam pads included to fill the head – which I call “pancake breasts” on the video – and those really do not work with the bra included with the doll. As soon you see the pancake tits, the fantasy is completely gone…

Damn pancake breasts!

The included black wig is also a mid-range wig slightly better than a costume wig. Although it does look nice on the doll, I found it to be shredding too much hair for my liking, so I changed it with a pixie cut light pink wig. It looked right on Mirai with her new outfit, so I kept it for the length of my review.

As all plush dolls, my “Mirai” was stiff as a board when I removed it from the box. This is completely normal with plush sex dolls and they can take a couple of days or even weeks of use to soften them. Add the fact it was in the low 40 degrees when I received this doll, and you can imagine how stiff it was!

I checked the vaginal hole for the insert and found the standard Japanese hole with a drawstring to secure your favorite onahole. Since this is a Japanese-made doll, it will easily accept small and medium-sized masturbators (up to 6 inches long by 2 wide), so Fleshlights are out of the question. Fortunately for me, I have plenty of Japanese masturbators, so I picked a couple and got ready for action!

Detailed Review

I tested my Series S with two Japanese toys I have reviewed in the past: the Succubus 2D Wavy and the Love x Cation 2 Wakoto. Both entered easily into the vaginal hole and did not fell during use once I tied the string. Once set, the doll felt ready for action, so I did what you are you supposed to do with this doll.

With a total different insert…

The doll is extremely light (2 kilograms or 4.5 pounds), so missionary can be tricky if you do not want to hold the doll. That weight is perfect for cowgirl positions and unbelievable, the doll is tough enough to support you during doggy style (given you are below 250 pounds).

I changed the bra to a running / yoga top and now, the pancake tits look “yummy” and support the fantasy. Also, I made the doll wear a pair of open crotch panties, which allows me to play with the doll without having to undress it.

Crotch panties and yoga bra with pancake breasts…NOM,NOM!

After a couple of days of use, the foam inside the doll began to “break in” in the pelvic area and I could feel the unique sensations expected from Dekunoboo dolls. The micro-beads adapt to your shape, and it feels completely different from the typical polyester fiber filling used in most fabric dolls. When I hugged the doll when sleeping, it adapts completely to my body and even with the mother freaking cold in the last weeks of December and early January, I was tempted to lay completely naked with this doll.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

  1. Low weight. The torso is just 4.5 pounds (2 kilograms). That is perfect if you have back pain or shoulder injuries like me.
  2. You will do some customization. The My Wife Series S comes without a head, which is sold as an option when you purchase the doll. You can choose the Mirai head (open eyes) or the closed eyes, submissive Natsune. Besides that, the breast forms are removable and you can use your favorite breast toy or larger breasts if you do not like the pancake tits included. Of course, you can use the wig of your preference. In addition, the head is made of rubber, which you can apply make-up or use acrylic paint for semi-permanent makeup.
  3. Easy to hide. Have company? Just shove your Series S inside a laundry bag and it can stay hidden on plain sight. Also, at 24 inches tall, you can toss it inside a closet and throw a few clothes over it to hide your doll. Need to hide it for the long term? Put it inside a duffel bag and store in your closet.
The Bad
  1. The pancake titties. Once I put the yoga bra on the doll, the pancake titties look nice, but the fact is that Dekunoboo can do better. They have other torsos using breast forms – and those breast forms are realistic looking. Just as they have these big breast forms, they can make B-cup size realistic looking breast forms. Just saying…
  2. The hollow head. For a head costing almost $200 extra, I was expecting a solid head. Instead, I received hollow rubber masks that cave in as soon they get close to my face. That really bothers me – a TPE doll head would cost almost the same. I fixed the problem quite easily by just adding some cotton fiber I have at hand, but lets be honest, for $200, I can get a better “head”. In fact, TDF member Samara 78 gave me an idea I will use on the other My Wife torso I got (sans head) and if good, I will share that option with you when I review the doll.
This is what I’m talking about…

The Ugly

This doll is on the expensive side of the spectrum. Compared with its Japanese competitors like A-One it is on the same price level, but compared to American products like the Meiki Plush Doll and the Meiki Plush DX from Toy Demon, it is way too expensive at $250 – 280 depending on the exchange rate. If you compare it with the Tomax Nui ($50), simply forget it!

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to store doll for your first doll, this is an option you need to consider. The Dekunoboo brand feels unique once the foam micro beads get soft. The only disadvantage is the high cost of the head, but maybe there are other options.
Like placing other breast forms…WOW!
Score: 22 / 25

Realism: 3 / 5.  My Wife Series S has the right proportions, but it is too light to feel real.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or inside a laundry bag.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain. Fabric and mask can easily stain when in contact with dark fabrics.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Easy to spot clean when needed.

Weight: 5 / 5. Super light. Perfect for those with back / arm injuries.

Available at: Kanojo Toys




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  1. Haven’t given up on my goals, but my job and my health have been conspiring against them! I have 4 incomplete reviews that I WILL COMPLETE in the next 2 weeks. PROMISED!

  2. In reality they are not that expensive – there are models from other manufacturers starting at $200. Check our affiliate,, and for other options – I have dolls from all of them and all provide good quality dolls at accessible prices.

    Storage and cleaning is not a big issue if you pick the right doll for you. I have way too many of these things and live in a studio in NYC (11′ x 17′). One or two dolls is not an issue… 20 or more, that’s another story…

    My experience with friends have been like this: Male friends look at them, smile, make fun of me for a couple of hours, then the conversation always end up with “Can I touch it?”, “How much did it cost?”, “Where can I buy one?”

    Female friends are the ones who critique and complaint. More than often I cut the issue with a “If you and / or your friends suck my dick on a regular basis, then maybe I get rid of the fake girlfriends.” SILENCE

    If you want to fuck a doll, JUST BUY ONE and fuck it to your heart’s desire.

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