The Doll Life #5: In Defense of the Small Dolls

Recently, sex dolls have been back on the headlines thanks to Amazon banning the sale of “child sex dolls”. This is a positive act by the giant re-seller, but it brings up a question: Are all small sex dolls “child sex dolls”?

As a sex doll owner – with a couple of scaled down dolls in the collection -, I have a couple of distinctions ignored by the media. Lets go to them…

Not a child by any way


Small does not equal to child

Being honest, there are sex dolls resembling children. They exist…and they SHOULD be banned. Pedophilia, regardless if it is a mental condition or not, involves a sexual act with someone who cannot consent to it – and we all agree non-consensual sex is WRONG.

Now, the problem here is that authorities are using the size of the doll to determine the “age” represented – and that is also wrong. Sex dolls come in different sizes, from life-size (above 5 feet tall) to micro dolls (65 centimeter or 2 feet). The height of the doll has nothing to do with the represented age on the doll – we are familiar with Barbie, who represents a 25 – 30 years old woman and only measures 12 inches.

A sex doll can be a scaled down version of an adult and represent an adult. Many American doll makers were pioneers in that effort – Cassi Doll, Mini Love Doll, Virgin Rose Doll, Aiko Doll, and Private Island Beauties come to mind. From that list only Aiko Doll and Private Island Beauties stay in business because their product does not compete with Chinese TPE dolls (Aiko) or they have a known line of high quality life-size dolls (PIB).

Do I look childish to you?

American manufacturers are self-regulated

These child sex dolls are not made in the United States. American manufacturers like Real Dolls, Ruby13, and PIB among others had established since starting their business to only produce adult-looking dolls. Even Eight Wonder and their Teddy Babes dolls (plush dolls) made their 4 feet, 6 inches tall original dolls to look adult. No USA major manufacturer makes or promotes child-like dolls and they have been doing this since 12 years ago.

Some members of my harem…

What the media forgets to mention is that 99.9% of these child sex dolls come from Japan and China. In the past 5 years, Japan has cracked down on the manufacture and export of sex dolls, prohibiting the sale of dolls resembling pre-pubescent children. Unfortunately, Chinese manufacturers have not done the same. The child-like dolls making headlines in the UK, Canada, and the US are all from Chinese vendors or sold by marketplaces (*cough* eBay *cough* Amazon*cough*) with very little control of what is sold by third parties unless some one flags the store.

Sometimes, we need the small doll

If you are a reader of this blog, you know I have a collection of sex dolls. Most of my dolls are plush dolls (Teddy Babes, Japanese dolls, even a couple of “custom made” ones) because they are light and I have problems with my back and knees. Still, I sometimes want a more realistic partner on my bed, so I also have silicone and TPE dolls.

This one weights 80 pounds…she’s THICC!

That said, a life size silicone or TPE doll weights between 65 to 100 pounds. Have you tried to lift 65 pounds of dead weight? It requires strength – and a good back. Although I consider myself pretty strong, moving some of my life size silicone dolls (specially my Ruby 13 “Brazil”, which weights 80 fucking pounds), sometimes taxes my back. That is why having a smaller doll in the 100 to 140 cm (39 to 55 inches) is often needed. Not only they weight a lot less – between 25 to 45 pounds – , these smaller dolls are also easier to store and transport making them a good option to avoid injuries. Also, these smaller dolls cost less – sometimes one third of a full size doll – making them more accessible to guys that otherwise would be either looking for “sex workers” (illegal in all 50 states) or trying to hook up with a lady on a club… and exposing himself to a possible #MeToo accusation.

Someone in this photo is better with a doll…

By the way, if you are a politician or lawmaker, and you want to know more about dolls…contact me. I can educate you a little bit…

1 thought on “The Doll Life #5: In Defense of the Small Dolls”

  1. I agree that consent is not the issue here. Dolls are objects, so no consent is required. The real issue here is what these objects represent…

    As you mention, sex dolls are designed to replicate the sexual encounter as realistically as possible, so when you are humping a sex doll, you are humping a representation of someone who excites you sexually. One of the major reasons we buy a specific sex doll design is the fact that we feel attracted to how the doll looks. They represent the object of our sexual desires / fantasies – whatever those desires or fantasies may be.

    The problem with child-like sex dolls is that in our culture, feeling sexual attraction towards a pre-pubescent person is not only frown upon, it is illegal. Not only having sex with children is illegal, but having any material depicting or SIMULATING such acts is also illegal – and that definitively includes sex dolls. Manufacturers, resellers, and even websites must protect themselves and avoid committing or support an active crime.

    Personally, I agree with the banning of these child-like sex dolls. I don’t find pre-pubescent girls sexy or sexually arousing, either in real life or in drawings or dolls. Anyone finding young girls sexually attractive should consider receiving mental treatment because IT IS NOT NATURAL to want to fuck a girl that is not ready for the sexual act – either mentally or physically. I can understand wanting to fuck the shit out of a 16 year-old girl – those have basically matured physically and can understand the consequences of their acts, but I cannot understand or support pedophilia, real or simulated.

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