The Doll Life #6: Meiki Plush DX

What do you do when ToyDemon asks if you want to review their latest plush doll? You say “HELL YEAH!”

That was my reaction when my friends at Toy Demon asked if I would like to review their Meiki Plush DX, the latest product of their line of Meiki dolls. Back in 2012, I reviewed their first doll – the Meiki Plush Doll – and looking at the Meiki Plush DX, I knew it will be an interesting review. The Meiki Plush Doll got one of the highest scores I have ever gave to a sex doll, so what this new version will get?  Lets check out the review!

First Impressions

As always, Toy Demon shipped in a plain brown box without any indication of the contents. Once I opened the box, I got the doll inside a sealed clear bag. The doll does not include any accessories – clothes, wig, etc – so have that in mind when you order.

Just like its older sister, the Meiki Plush DX (DX from now on) is a plush torso with adult measurements. At first glance, the DX seems to be the Meiki Plush Doll from 2012 with added head and arms – the material is basically the same velour fabric, the curves are still 34-24-34, and in the best Japanese tradition, the doll has no nipples.

The DX right out of the box

The new additions – face and arms – are also in the best Japanese tradition. The doll has a head in the “Fairy doll” style which is a head without a face. This blank face can be creepy for some people, but there are various solutions to that in the form of aftermarket rubber and fabric masks. The arms have what I like to call “bullet hands” since the hands have no fingers. This is also a common style in Japanese fabric dolls simply to keep cost down – and also because plush fingers tend to look like Muppet fingers.

Like the MPD, the DX has a single SPH (strategically placed hole) in the crotch that accepts a wide variety of masturbators from different companies.  You can place popular Japanese toys from manufacturers like ToysHeart, Magic Eyes, Tenga, or whatever American toy like Pipedreams and Fleshlight. All these toys are easily adjusted in place by the redesigned SPH shape and the traditional cord adjuster  to keep them in place during playtime.

The classic looking onahole

Something that surprised me when I removed the doll from the box was its softness. Plush dolls tend to be stiff like a board when brand new, especially when the weather is cold, and they take weeks to soften. The DX was soft and hug worthy right out of the box – even when it was FREEZING the day I got it. As the owner of more than 15 plush sex dolls, that impressed me so much I had to twit about it!

Nice profile…

When I dressed the DX for the first time, I noticed a zipper on the upper back. Originally I thought it was an opening to add / replace the filler material (all plush dolls eventually need additional filler), but no…it was a pocket! None of my other plush dolls have a pocket in their back, so I had no idea of the reason for it on the DX. Anyway, that gave me a couple of ideas that I will cover in the review section.

Notice the zipper on the upper back

Detailed Review

I was impressed with the softness of the doll, but as a veteran user, I knew the real test was during playtime. I already had the experience of the MPD, so I knew beforehand that this doll would accept different masturbators. For this review, I used three toys: the Apollo Grid, the Meiki Maria Ozawa, and the Predator Fleshlight (don’t judge). As expected, I had no problems placing any of these toys in the SPH and keeping them in place during play. Both the design of the SPH and the adjusting cord kept everything where it was supposed to be.

She can be a blonde super heroine…


A sexy alien with super powers…

Dressing the doll is very easy – thanks in part to the bullet hands that do not get in the way when changing clothes. While playing with the doll for the review, I cycled through a couple of outfits and wigs – comic book characters like Super Girl and Robin, a nun, a  girl next door, and a cople others – until keeping my new “slave” in a PG-13 outfit of a Portal-inspired dress and a coordinating choker.  Since the DX has full adult proportions, it uses adult wigs and adult size small (S) or medium (M)

She can be the girl next door…

What about the pouch on the back? Well, it can be used to store your favorite masturbator (dry of course), lube, or other “tools” of the trade, but that would be boring… I decided to insert a portable Bluetooth speaker I often use with my phone and play either music (hey, ballads and R&B are perfect background music when playing with a sex doll) or a couple of sex sounds I edited to last between 10 to 14 minutes. I have to say playing those files improved the sessions in ways I was not expecting…



I also placed an egg vibrator inside the pouch and the doll felt really good, so I am planning on getting a bigger and flatter vibrator to use with this doll. Harder vibrations should feel even better than the wimpy egg vibe from China.

Cleaning plush dolls is pretty easy, just use a damp cloth with a laundry detergent (Woolite works great) and spot clean.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

  1. Low weight. The DX weights around 6 pounds (2 kilograms). That is perfect if you have back pain or shoulder injuries like me.
  2. You will do some customization. The DX does not have a lot of room for customization in the body, but the addition of a head with a blank face gives you plenty of custom looks and faces using masks and wigs. Although ToyDemon is not offering masks at the time of this review, there are various masks available from Japanese manufacturers like Dekunoboo and A-One. In addition, you can use adult latex or silicone masks – combined with the right wig and makeup they can be an interesting experiment. 
  3. Easy to hide. Have company? Just shove your DX inside a laundry bag and it can stay hidden on plain sight. You can also place it inside a closet without major issues.
A video game cosplayer…
The Bad
  1. The blank face.  I do not have a major issue with the blank face, but I know many potential buyers will be turned off by the blank, empty space on the face. Some people will find it plain and others will find it creepy, and although it is an easy fix – just buy a mask – , I will list it as a negative.

The Ugly

I do not find any major issue with this doll. Yes, it comes “naked” and without accessories, but for a retail price below $300, that is not an issue.

If you are looking for your first doll, you should consider the Meiki Plush DX. With completely adult proportions, a size that allows easy hiding and storage, a weight below 6 pounds, and the option of using basically any masturbator / onahole you prefer, the DX should be one of your options for that first doll. If your budget is lower than $300, this doll is perfect for you!
Score: 25 / 25

Realism: 5 / 5.  The Meiki DX feels extremely real thanks to its dimensions.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or inside a laundry bag.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain and repair.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Easy to spot clean when needed.

Weight: 5 / 5. Super light. Perfect for those with back / arm injuries.

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Or a nun.
(I’m going to Hell… I know!)