The Doll Life #7: Why So Many?!

When I mention having more than 45 dolls, the first reaction I get is “Why so many? You can only fuck one at a time!” That is completely true – after all, I only have one penis -, but I have my reasons…

Most people believe that having a sex doll is like being in a relationship. You bought that $5,000 mannequin because you were substituting real women in your life with a fake one. You are expected to have a “monogamous” relationship with your fake girlfriend just like the relationship you are supposed to have with a “real” girlfriend. After all, that is what TV shows including sex doll owners present, so ALL sex doll owners should be like that, right?

The problem is that those TV shows never show you the sex doll owner that sees his / her dolls as just toys – and I like to have many, many toys for my entertainment!

As I said before, I have my reasons to having so many sex dolls, so let me share some of them with you…

Harem Fantasy

First of all, I have an harem fantasy. It will sound totally misogynistic in the 21st century to admit having the fantasy of a group of women ready to service you in every single way you desire, but I do have that fantasy. I wish I could have a couple of women living with me and that I could choose a different one to have sex every other day. In real life, that would be impossible, but with dolls, the only limitation is physical space. Since most of my dolls are cloth dolls, I just pile them on the top of a bunk bed, solving most of the space issue. The silicone dolls lie down in an industrial shelving system I like to call The Condominium and I even have a couple of the plush torsos hanging from hooks in one of my doors. Yes, my apartment is overrun with dolls!

Always looking for new sensations

Second, I am into sensations. One of my worst enemies is boredom – I have always needed new sensory input. One doll can easily bore me after just a couple of weeks, but having a regular rotation of dolls made of different materials and from different manufacturers keeps the sensations fresh. A silicone doll feels completely different from a plush doll and a DS Doll feels different from a Ruby 13. The feedback given by the doll during use varies depending on the doll’s material, weight, size, and general shape. Having so many dolls gives me a whole catalog of sensations to experience throughout the whole year.

It is another of my collections

Third, I am a collector. I tend to collect things I enjoy – music, guitars, DVDs, and yes, sex dolls. In my collection there are dolls that are favorites within the community, but also a couple which are not produced anymore. I have a Cassie Doll, a classic Mini Love Doll, and a Virgin Rose Doll that unfortunately are out of the market because different reasons. I can say I can enjoy those beautiful and rare dolls whenever I want.

I will fuck (almost) any woman type

Fourth, I do not have a specific woman “type”. Most of the guys buying a doll end up purchasing a sex doll representing their ideal type of woman. A good friend buys only fat ass dolls because his fantasy is to fuck a Kardashian look-alike. Another loves huge breasts, so he sponsored the design of a doll with a M-cup size breasts. Another loves Asians, other loves redheads with freckles, other loves Black women, and so on. They purchased dolls representing those types of women. I do not have a specific type of woman in my head. Black, Asian, blondes, brunettes, petites, tall, I do not care. If I liked the way you look, I would see my chances of dating you. I have a similar approach with dolls: If I like the way it looks, and the price is right, I will end buying it. As simple as that.

Last reason…