The Doll Life #9: Diane Sex Doll (FondLove)

The world of sex dolls is very diverse. Long gone are the days of the plastic inflatable doll with a permanent “O” face – now we have a variety of dolls made of many materials available in many different sizes.

Bruh, you are so outdated…

One of those dolls is the scaled down torso sent to me by my friends at FondLove. Around 11 inches tall, FondLove’s is the perfect introduction to both masturbators and sex dolls – specially if the textures are good. Of course, the only way to judge that is by trying it, so… LETS GO TO THE REVIEW!

First Impressions

When I received the package, my first impression was “This thing has some weight to it… I like it!” The doll weights close to 3 pounds – a heavy weight for a typical masturbator, but a nice weight for a mini sex doll.

Once out of its box and bag combination, you see the doll is a voluptuous TPE vixen. The material is soft, perfect for grabbing and even slapping. The doll has no skeleton, so it is floppy. This is something to have in mind when playing with it because “Diane”, as it is also known in the FondLove website, cannot keep a fixed position during use.


The torso has nice round breasts, big enough for any guy with an average penis to do some “tit fucking”, a small detailed vulva, and a round ass that invites a nice spanking. She has two love canals – one vaginal and one anal. The vaginal canal has an organic texture made of micro ribs and bumps promising a mid to high stimuli session. The anal canal has more of a soft ribbed texture with a bumpy end section to stimulate your penis’ head. This canal promises a softer sensation, maybe a soft to middle intensity stimuli.

Dat ass!

That said, the next step was obvious, so I lubed Diane’s holes, woke up my little friend and went down to test this mini doll!


After weeks of having fun with “Diane”, I can say she is a good introduction to sex dolls. With a size comparable to a 80 cm (32 inches) sex doll but at a fraction of the cost ($70 vs $550), Diane more than holds her own.

As mentioned before, Diane is heavy for a masturbator, so forget about using her as a Fleshlight unless you are lifting weights. Diane is better used as a sex doll, meaning you can have fun in different positions that allows Diane to rest on a surface.

Nice and soft…

The breasts are a good warm up , allowing you to slide your little friend in between to enjoy some soft and pleasurable stimulation. Of course, the anal and vaginal canals give you more intense options, ones I found more intense than expected.

The anal canal with its ribbed texture gives a mid level stimulation that is perfect for long sessions. I found myself grabbing and spanking Diane’s little ass on the regular, adding more sensations to the pleasure provided by her anal cavity.

Nicely detailed vulva.

The vagina feels even better. With an organic texture combining ribs and bumps, its tightness will have you breathing heavy in no time. Although I found the texture on the high intensity level, the texture allows you to retain control during your sessions giving you the chance to have long edging sessions if you feel inclined to do so. Personally, I did exactly that in a couple of occasions, blowing impressive loads all over Diane’s round tits.

Now, as fun as it is playing with a small sized doll, it has some negatives. Because this doll is made of TPE, I avoided cumming inside it every time I fucked her without a condom. Why? Because experience has taught me that cleaning a close ended 3 pounds TPE toy is a big pain in the ass. Wet TPE is slippery and drying the cavities of a wet TPE doll is almost mission impossible. Because of that, I often use a condom when fucking TPE dolls or cum on them – just like I did a couple of times with Diane.

If you avoid cumming inside the doll, cleaning Diane is very easy. Just use a damp cloth or paper towel sheet to clean the lube and then use a rolled paper towel or a tampon to absorb excess humidity, then leave the doll to air dry.

She is a nice doll…


FondLove’s Diane Sex Doll masturbator is a perfect introduction to the world of sex dolls. With a size comparable to a 80 cm sex doll, the Diane provides the essential functions of any sex doll – vaginal and anal sex – plus a pair of nice breasts enough to play if you are average size. If you had been considering buying a sex doll, but are unsure if they are for you, consider the Diane. You won’t be disappointed.

Score: 22 / 25

Realism: 3 / 5.  The Diane is a scaled down doll, so the “goodies” do not feel as real as in a life-size doll. Still, the textures of the canals are very realistic.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or even in a drawer.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain.

Cleaning: 4 / 5. Easy to clean if you do not cum inside the doll.

Weight: 5 / 5.

Available at: FondLove