The RP Project #10: Katsuni’s Lotus Garden FLG

Asian women had been always my favorite – petite, delicate appearance, and totally depraved sex hidden under a shy exterior. What not to love about them? When ILF unveiled a FLG featuring Katsuni, I immediately considered it. I love her scenes because she always seems to be 100% in it. Also she is in her 30’s – the perfect age for women IMO. Add an insane looking texture like the Lotus Garden and they got me. After following the rules established for the Rubber Pussy Project, lets go with the review:

First Impressions:

The Katsuni Lotus Garden has an entrance molded after the porn star’s often abused pussy. The exterior looks inviting, but the interior is a texture with the infamous Lotus’ Cervical Node: a structure designed to replicate the feeling of passing a woman’s cervix. The Lotus / Mini Lotus became famous because of that node and the Lotus Garden capitalizes on it by being the its only feature. Yes, Katsuni doesn’t have one or two of these nodes – all the sleeve are cervical nodes, so you’ll be popping cervices as long is your penis.  What to expect? Maybe too much intensity, maybe a boring sensation, but a lot of popping for sure.

Katsuni’s Lotus Garden  interior texture. Photo: ILF Inc.

Intensity (4 / 5)
This is a difficult sleeve to rate. At initial penetration, the Lotus Garden doesn’t give too much feedback. I felt the pop of the cervical nodes as I passed them, but it is not an initial extreme sensation like the ones you feel with the STU. I felt the material rings squeezing my penis, but that sensation modified depending on how I penetrated the sleeve: how deep, fast, hard would provide a completely different sensation. End cap suction played a big influence on intensity – the tighter the end cap, the tighter I felt the nodes pressure around my penis, the looser the end cap, the more overall material I felt around my penis. Any way, the orgasm was intense enough to make me stay inside it a couple of minutes after cumming hard. The lack of immediate feedback lowers the score to 4 out of 5.

Tightness (5/5)
The Garden is tight thanks to the accumulation of material inside the sleeve. When I used it, it felt like I was fucking a mature woman that had been without sex for a while. Something important: Like the Mini Lotus and the Lotus Lager, you need to be fully erect to use this sleeve. Half mast would not allow you to pass the cervical nodes. Once inside it helps to keep you erect, but I experienced a frustrating limping effect when trying to fuck this sleeve without a full erection.

Realism (4/5)
The Garden is not designed to simulate real sex of any kind. But after the third session, when I used it with the end cap almost completely off, I felt I was fucking a mature woman that had been without sex for years. The tightness and the sensation of the material gave that feeling – a sensation that is unique on this sleeve (as far as the RPP testing). That great feeling made me cum hard on the last three sessions, making my mind to have fantasies of some of the MILFs living on my apartment building. 

Versatility (4/5)
The Garden feels more “natural” when using it hands free. While using it lying on my back, the popping of the cervical nodes was too strong on my penis head sometimes even hurting it a little bit (I’m uncut). Hands free sessions were a lot more pleasurable and even fun to use. 

Lubricant use (5/5)
Once lubed, this sleeve retains lubricant perfectly requiring no additional lube even during longer sessions (45 minutes or more).

Use (4/5)
As noted in the tightness section, forget fucking this sleeve if you are not fully erect. I had to abort one session simply because my penis went half mast and I couldn’t penetrate the Garden (I finished that session with the Swallow – a texture I have to add to the RPP list). Besides that and the popping noises typical of the Lotus family, there were no  major issues while using the Garden.  

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As most Fleshlights, the Garden is easy to clean – just place it under running water and allow water to clean the interior canal.

Drying (2/5)
This is the Achilles tendon of this sleeve. Due to its exclusive reliance on the cervical node, the Garden takes forever to dry up completely. It takes between 12 and 30 hours to dry completely using the regular hanger method. To speed the drying process, I had to squeeze the texture after cleaning it to remove excess water (the nodes are notorious water traps), and add some alcohol to its interior. Even after that, it took more than 8 hours for the Garden to fully dry.

Maintenance (4 / 5)
Requires alcohol to speed drying process. 

Tear and wear (5/5)
No tear and wear noticed after completing the evaluation periods.
Total score: 42 / 50

Considering all factors, the Garden is a nice sleeve. It is intense and provides unique sensations. Unfortunately, the need to be fully erect to be able to penetrate it and the painfully slow drying time lower the score of an interesting sleeve. 

As established in the captions, you can buy this toy from

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by Bangkok Suckee Fuckee 5 and Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 4 . Loved the maid scene from Dirty Rotten and the last two girls from Suckee Fuckee – specially the pig tailed girl. She looked like Katsuni in her early 20s (with a flatter chest of course).

Next Stop: Jenna Haze’s Maze Fleshlight.