The RP Project #11: Jenna Haze’s Maze FLG

First Impressions:

The Jenna Haze Maze Fleshlight is the signature texture for Jenna Haze. This texture is really strange – a series of alternate square nods spaced evenly every inch. The first impression was “How this thing feels?” Squares on my dick? Lets go to the review and rate this unique texture.

Maze texture. Photo property of ILF, Inc /

Intensity (4 / 5)
Unlike other textures, the Maze provides immediate feedback on penetration – and never allows you to forget it. The feeling is a constant pressure in alternate areas of your penis, not too much, but enough to remind you that you are fucking a squared nod. I felt that pressure throughout the duration of my sessions, gripping my little friend, squeezing it all the time. The funny thing is that the sensation is kind of gentle – given that enough lube is used and that you don’t go crazy on the stroking speed. End cap suction gave different sensations, the tighter the end cap, the more you feel the squeeze but the nods don’t feel as pointy / squared as expected. With a looser end cap, the edges of the nods come to life, giving more stimulation to the penis. Orgasm build up is sudden –  I was surprised by them twice during my sessions. Although sudden, orgasms were long and subtle. Imagine fucking a woman and suddenly “Oh shit… I’m cumming!” I expect subtle orgasms with sleeves giving me more control – not with a sleeve that surprises me, therefore 4 out of 5 in intensity.

Tightness (4/5)
The Maze is not too tight – you can say it is tight enough to provide stimulation while still giving space for head expansion during orgasm.

Realism (1/5)
Have you ever fucked a square pussy? If so, then this texture would feel real to you. Personally, I have never penetrated a square textured pussy, so no realism here…

Versatility (5/5)
I used the Maze both hands free and lying on my back and in both positions, sessions were satisfactory. The boxy texture felt sharper during the stroking sessions, while they were way subtler on the hands free ones (mostly due to end cap tightening). Turning the FL 90 degrees around your dick allows to stimulate its sides, making the session feel different. In general, the Maze is versatile and works as a charm in both positions.

Lubricant use (5/5)
Once lubed, this sleeve retains lubricant perfectly requiring no additional lube even during longer sessions (45 minutes or more).

Use (4/5)
The Maze can become boring at times due to the focal pressure on the penis – it is only stimulated where the squares are touching your penis. Unlike other nod based textures where there are nods surrounding the penis, the Maze only works two sides of the penis at once. For longer sessions that became a “meh” sensation that possibly lead to the “surprise” orgasms. Since you get used to the sensations in parts of your penis, you don’t get as involved as in with other textures such as the Love Humps or the mini Lotus.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As most Fleshlights, the Maze is easy to clean – just place it under running water and allow water to clean the interior canal. It is important to notice that the side walls of this FLG are thinner than other FLs, so the user must be careful with the water pressure to avoid punctures to the sleeve.

Drying (5/5)
Pretty fast drying using the wire hanger method.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
No special maintenance required besides cornstarch for long term storage. 

Tear and wear (5/5)
No tear and wear noticed after completing the evaluation periods.
Total score: 43 / 50

All factors considered, the Maze is a fun texture to use for short and mid-duration sessions (between 10-25 minutes). I won’t recommend the Maze for longer sessions for the fact that it can become boring after a while.
As established in the captions, you can buy this toy from

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by Taboo American Style Parts 1-4. Nothing better than some old-school (1985) porn to have sessions with an unique texture. Raven (now in her late 40’s) looked the part of a teenager who used her sexuality to achieve whatever she wanted regardless of the consequences. A movie recommended to any one missing porn with acceptable acting and a plot.

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