The RP Project #12: Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

 First Impressions:

As I wrote for the Kasuni’s review, “What’s not to like from Asian women?” This installment of the Rubber Pussy Project deals with a toy considered the Cadillac of Asian sex toys: the Zhang Xiao  Yu Meiki. “Meiki” is a Japanese word meaning “good pussy” and most meiki toys delivers. The Zhang Xiao Yu (or ZXY) looks very interesting – the exterior is a miniature torso reproduction of the Chinese model Zhang Xiao Yu, and unlike other toys, the ZXY has a pink interior thanks to a double layer construction. The exterior layer is a typical Meiki soft material resembling flesh while the interior (the pink part) is a slightly stronger material with the textures to stimulate the penis. At first look, the interior textures are inviting: their shapes look organic, seemingly reproducing a real life vagina. Is the ZXY as good as people say? It is going to hold its ground after being pounded mercilessly or it is going to rip as the mini meiki? With those questions, I began the review of the well known meiki toy.


Intensity (5 / 5)

Something about the meikis that I really like is that their textures are very organic. You feel the textures as soon as you penetrate the toy and the sensations grow during use. The ZXY is not an exception. As I penetrated it, I could feel the different stimulation areas. During use, I not only felt the main stimulating surfaces, but also felt the more subtle realistic textures. The internal material has an almost natural stickiness to it and the moderate suction of the toy made me have five of the most powerful and pleasurable orgasms I had in my life. They built up in an extremely natural way – slowly and constantly until the complete ejaculation.

Tightness (4/5)
The ZXY is not too tight. It allows for liberal movement while providing constant stimulation.

Realism (5/5)
Honestly, penetrating the ZXY felt just like penetrating a juicy, horny vagina. If you are looking for realism, this is the toy to have.

Versatility (5/5)
Originally, I was afraid to use the ZXY hands free. After all, the material on the outer layer is so soft that I felt the pillows’ covers would damage it. Well, I should not have feared. The ZXY worked perfectly on the hands free sessions as well on the stroking sessions. The textures felt sharper on the stroking sessions, making me ejaculate in 25 minutes while the hands free sessions lasted about 45 minutes. Adding to its versatility, the ZXY feels totally different when turned to replicate doggy style / missionary / scooping positions. Perfect score in this category.

Lubricant use (5/5)
The ZXY used one third of the lube I normally use with the full size Fleshlights, so it started on the right note. Once lubed, this toy retains lubricant perfectly requiring no additional lube even during longer sessions (45 minutes or more).

Use (5/5)
What can be said about the ZXY during use? It feels great, it uses just a few drops of lube, it is versatile, and it behaves almost as a real vagina. Perfect score in this category…

Hygiene (5 / 5)
At first I was afraid the ZXY would be a nightmare for cleaning. It ended being as easy to clean as my Fleshlights. I placed the toy under the dishwasher faucet and opened the faucet on a mid level pressure. The ZXY basically pushes the water back out, so I was not forced to scoop any semen from the interior of the toy – the flowing water cleaned the inside pretty well although the meiki is a closed ended toy. In addition, the ZXY can be cleaned with soap, allowing for a better hygiene if you are afraid of germs.

Drying (5/5)
Another surprise here. The ZXY dried pretty well overnight without any special drying method. To accelerate the drying, I used a microfiber cloth to avoid lint inside the toy.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
No special maintenance required for long term storage.

Tear and wear (5/5)
No tear and wear noticed after completing the evaluation periods.
Total score: 49 / 50

Lets say this: If you want to have an experience with a masturbation toy, you MUST BUY the ZXY. With the proper care, this pricey Meiki (about $90) is a long-term investment you won’t regret. If you are a virgin, this toy will allow you to experience something close to the real thing. If you are an experienced guy, the ZXY helps you to keep that libido under check. Anyway, the ZXY is a must have toy.

Available at:

Toy Demon

Cool Male Sex Toys Kanojo Toys

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by Tokyo Hot. Seeing five guys unloading inside a late-20’s Japanese woman is something to watch while having sex with a replica of a beautiful mid 20’s Chinese woman.


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  1. I was reluctant at first to purchase the ZXY due to the cost, however I was swayed by your review and reviews on the Toy Demon site. The ZXY is well worth the cost! I purchased a month ago and am having a lot of fun!

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