The RP Project #17: Vibro Original Fleshlight

First Impressions:

The Vibro series from Fleshlight is an interesting concept: Take a Fleshlight and add three vibrator bullets near the orifice for extra stimulation. In this case, the Vibro has the Original texture – a 3/4 inch diameter smooth canal – with the pussy orifice. I had low expectations for this Fleshlight since it is the widest canal from Fleshlight, it doesn’t have any texture to keep my little friend happy, and above all, I’m not a big fan of vibrators. Add a price tag close to $90 and you’ll get a “Hell no!” from me. Recently, ILF sold the Vibro models for $70 (basically the regular price for a standard Fleshie) and I jumped in, buying both the lady Original and the Lady Cyclone textures. I expected “so-so” sessions with it – and I have to admit I underestimated the power of the Original.   

Intensity (4 / 5)
“4 points on a smooth texture?” Well, maybe I have to explain myself. The Original is smooth and wide, but it gives you immediate feedback when using it. Instead of intensity a-la STU, you receive a silky texture that engulfs your penis. Using the Vibro Original (VO) without the bullets, it was a delicate, but ever present caress. Using one bullet, the caress is less delicate but still smooth. With two bullets in place, I felt my penis was inside a rough massager like the one I use for my sore muscles. With all three bullets, my little friend was inside a fucking beehive. The sensations of the material with the vibration resulted surprisingly intense – with the bullets, I was finishing my sessions with explosive orgasms in 30 minutes (top). Without the bullets, I was able to extend my session as I wanted, ending in an explosive orgasm that built slowly for 60 or even 90 minutes.   I cannot say the orgasms made me scream, but they left me panting and gasping for air – something I never expected from the Original texture.

Tightness (2/5)
As said, the Original is the texture with the widest diameter. With the three bullets, the orifice entrance can become tight for guys with girths above the 6 inches, but after three inches, the wide texture is present.

Realism (4/5)
Without the vibrating bullets, I felt I was fucking my girlfriend’s pussy (she’s 40). The VO feels close to a mature woman’s pussy and the sensations are close enough to the real thing (even better according to some).

Versatility (5/5)
The VO is a good toy to use both as a stroking toy or hands-free. The bullets add vibration and weight – specially when using the three included bullets at the same time. This extra weight works wonders when using it hands free since the VO doesn’t move as much thanks to the extra weight near the entrance. If used as a stroker, I preferred to remove the included bullets and use it as a regular fleshie to avoid the sensation of using one of those Shaker weights. 

Lubricant use (3/5)
The VO, as a smooth texture, tends to use more lubricant that the highly textured sleeves. Also, have in mind that being smooth, you could be having longer sessions that normally requires reapplication or reactivation with water.

Use (3/5)
I enjoyed using the VO, but as many users in the Fleshlight Forum say, the Vibro series as designed falls short on its promise. The sleeve by itself doesn’t produce any complain – the bullets are the ones to blame. Placing the bullets is annoying since they need to be placed in three special grooves designed as part of the sleeve. That means that if you decide to remove or add bullets, you need to remove the sleeve from the case, do the mods, and then resume. Operating the bullets bring the same annoyance – you need to turn them on before the session or simply stop the session, remove the sleeve from the case, turn them on, replace the sleeve into the case and then you can resume. Also, the bullets drain the batteries pretty fast – often during a single session. Another complaint I have to make about the VO is that you feel the vibration only at the entrance and it cannot be modified. Yes you can add or remove bullets, but since they are placed on a tripod arrange around the the orifice, turning off or removing any one of the bullets simply unbalance the sensations on the penis. If you are using the VO as a stroker prepare your hand to be numbed by the vibrations, so a whole sleeve massaging movement had been suggested by different forum members.Redesign of the Vibro series is in order for ILF to have a better product.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As most Fleshlights, just place it under the faucet and flush between 30 and 60 seconds on both ends with running water. Not too difficult to clean.

Drying (5/5)
The VO dried pretty well overnight.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
Just a periodical cornstarch rubbing for cleaning and to avoid stickiness. 

Tear and wear (5/5)
No tear and wear noticed after completing the evaluation periods.

Total score: 41 / 50

The Vibro Original is a surprising sleeve – the sleeve by itself surprised me being more stimulating than expected, giving me explosive orgasms. On the other hand, the use of the vibrator bullets proved to be a pain in the ass and more distracting that stimulating. As orlandot94 recalls, the Vibro is a good step on the right direction, but not the last step. 

I could recommend the Original Lady to any one with a girth starting on the 5 inches and that wants to receive soft stimulation during a session. Also, the Original could be considered as a good “palate cleanser” after using too many intense masturbatory toys.

As established in the captions, you could buy this toy from

FYI: For visual stimulus for this review, I used the following: Hustler’s Barely Legal 86 and 87.

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