The RP Project #2: Lupe Fuentes’ Mini Lotus Fleshlight

UPDATE: The Mini Lotus texture is now available as part of the Build-Your-Own Fleshlight. Lupe Fuentes has no business affiliation with Fleshlight since this case.

For the second review, I tested the Lupe Fuentes’ Fleshlight. This sleeve has an opening molded from the vagina of web / porn star Lupe Fuentes and it has the mini-lotus internal texture. Although the texture shares its name with the Lotus Lager, they have differences on how they feel.

As established in the rules, I used the Lotus Lager for 5 consecutive nights, using a homemade mix of  Xantham Gum as the lubricant, and using it hands free in two occasions. Now, lets break down the review:

Intensity (3.5 / 5)

Like its smaller relative, the LFML has a series of different sized chambers that tries to replicate the feelings of vaginal sex. Like the Lotus Lager, its intensity will depend on the quantity of lube you use. The difference is that Lupe feels looser due in great part to the larger size of the sleeve and the additional space to expand most full sized Fleslights give to its sleeves. The intensity of this sleeve is on the middle level since it gives a constant soft pressure and the popping of the cervical node. Orgasms with this sleeve build upon you, giving high intensity near the climax making you to moan loudly or even becoming vocal. The problem is that the orgasm is intense but short lasting – you want to repeat the session as soon as you finish cumming.

Tightness (3/5)
As said, the sleeve feels looser than the Lotus Lager version. In Lupe, the lack of suction similar to the SIAC case allows its use fully closed, but still doesn’t feel tight as other textures.

 Likeness (4/5)
Once properly lubed, fucking the LF Fleshlight feels pretty close to real vaginal sex. Unfortunately, the sleeve doesn’t have any interior texture such as bumps or ridges, leaving all the stimulation to the size variation of the main canal. Close, but not exactly the same…

Versatility (5/5)
This sleeve allows for both manual stroking and free hand use. Full sized Fleshlights allow for hard trusting when using it hands free – a huge difference from its smaller relative.

Lubricant use (5/5)

This sleeve retains lube perfectly, requiring to reapply or re-wet thelube only in sessions longer than 30 minutes. Applying lube to the penis head and the entrance of the sleeve is required to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the sleeve.

Use (5/5)
No major issues with using this sleeve.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
All Fleshlights are pretty easy to clean – just open a faucet with cold or warm water and allow the running water to flush the interior. Since all fleshlights are open ended sleeves, running water through them between 20 and 60 seconds is more than enough to clean them. Adding some alcohol after each use helps to avoid any mold or fungi to develop inside the canal.

Drying (3/5)
This is probably the Achilles heel of this toy – it requires between 5 to 12 hours to dry completely without using any fan or blower. Hanging the sleeve in the open air to dry takes time due to the chamber structure and especially because of the inverted node at the beginning of the sleeve. That node retains water and humidity, so if there is a lot of humidity in the air, expect to have your Lotus Lager hanging for a few hours.

Maintenance (4.5 / 5)
The sleeve got disgustingly sticky after a few uses, something fixed by rubbing it with corn starch before storing it for a long time. To keep the toy in top condition, I cover it with corn starch whenever it is going to be stored for more than one week.

Tear and wear (4/5)
This sleeve is relatively new, but it present a tear on the exterior ribs and some abrasions on the entrance. None of those limits enjoying the sleeve.

Total score: 42 / 50

The Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight with the Mini-Lotus texture is a good investment for any individual that likes to have longer sessions.The lack of internal textures and the looser feeling made each section to last between 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

Which one is better: the Lotus Lager or the Lupe Fuentes?

It depends on the method used for the session. If the session is stroking using the hand, the Lotus Lager is better – the smaller size allows for easier stroking and the suction is great. If doing a freehand session, Lupe Fuentes has to be my choice thanks to its size and weight. Also, the Lupe Fuentes, being a full sized Fleshlight, allows for a better penetration and thrusting because it doesn’t cave in during freehand sessions.

In general, if your girth is above 5.5 inches and / or your penis is longer than 6 inches, the Lupe Fuentes is a better option because the full size of the Fleshlight will fit you without problems.

You can buy your Mini LotusFleshlight here.