The RP Project #25: Stoya’s Destroya FLG

Destroya Texture (Photo: ILF /

First Impressions:
With a name like Destroya, you cannot simply ignore this sleeve. Visually, the vaginal orifice is unlike the rest of the FLG lineup – Stoya’s vagina is meaty and tough looking, ready for a hard pounding. Once you get past the visual aspect, you check the texture: an insane arrangement of fangs, bands, nubs to simulate teeth, down pointing fangs, STU style nubs, and a reducing diameter spiraled chamber at the end. Spaced in a way that you can enjoy a myriad of sensations even if your penis is just 3 inches long, the Destroya promises to honor its name.

Intensity (5 / 5)
Forget about learning curves here – you will feel the texture as soon you enter this sleeve – but be prepared to a gradual, incremental build up. The sensations produced by the fangs and the “teeth” nubs are always present (with 5 inches, I do not reach the final chamber), but they allow you to enjoy the ride no matter the speed you like to stroke or hump. When orgasms arrive with this sleeve, it is almost impossible to move thanks to the down-pointing fangs “biting” you. Extremely intense orgasms and constant stimulation gives this sleeve a perfect score in this category.
Tightness (5/5)
The Destroya feels tight thanks to its busy interior – those fangs and the bands do the trick perfectly.
Realism (3/5)
The exterior has one of the best feeling pussy molds I have used since I began using toys. It feels so real you forget the interior is completely unnatural. Well lubed and with the end cap completely tightened, the texture is muted enough to feel that you are fucking a tight meaty pussy – but you need to lube it as if there is no tomorrow.    

Versatility (5/5)
Do you want a quickie session? Use the Destroya as a stroker without the end cap so your eyes roll like a slot machine. Prefer longer, pleasurable sessions? Use the Destroya in a hands free session with the end cap tightly closed. This sleeve is versatile as any I had seen and provides a wide variety of sensations just by changing your stroking / humping speed. 

Lubricant use (4/5)

Due to the busy interior, the Destroya tends to need a little bit more lube than usual. Once you find the desired gliding level, the Destroya holds lube really well requiring no additional lube during the session.

Use (5/5)
No issues using Destroya.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
Like all Fleshlights, you only need to flush the Destroya with running water. Be warned that you should use a stronger water flow to clean the texture due to the fangs and other internal structures.

Drying (4/5)
The Destroya takes a little long to dry completely due to its complex interior. Give a good 24 hours before completely dry.

Maintenance (5 / 5)

No special maintenance required so far besides a regular corn starching when stored for a few weeks.

Tear and wear (5/5)

No noticeable tear and wear on the Destroya after use.

Total score: 46 / 50

One of the forum favorites, the Destroya is one must haves in your toy collection. In my opinion, the time it requires to dry lowers its general score, but if you have no issue with it, you should get this FLG texture ASAP.

For this review, I watched Dare Dorm. This movie is basically a bunch of college dorm amateur orgies filmed to earn a prize. Personally, the first and last scenes are the best due to the variety of girls – specially the one with glasses in the first scene and the ugly girl on the last scene (ugly face but a great cock sucker). 

Next stop: Super Ribbed FL Butt

4 thoughts on “The RP Project #25: Stoya’s Destroya FLG”

  1. Casquetero, Thanks for the review, I’ve own few fleshlights but only such a review could convince me to buy destroya due to a very bad first impression.

  2. I dont know what to choose! Im stuck between the stoya, the sara jay v-force, and nina hartley’s cougar. Im a noob so I want to build up stamina, but based on you and my own research they all do that real well because of intensity. Help?

    1. All three all intense textures, but I would order them like this: Destroya, V-Force, and Cougar.

      The Destroya is always intense and the change in texture really adds to the intensity. The V-Force is very close to the Destroya, but because it is basically the same texture, you can get used to the intensity. The Cougar requires a little bit of experience to really enjoy it, so I would go first with Stoya.

      You won’t regret buying any of them!

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