The RP Project #27and #28: Sukit Draft SIAC (Mini Swallow) and Misty Stone’s Swallow FLG

This will be a double post to review and compare two related textures, the Fleshlight Girls Swallow and its petite sister the Sukit Draft SIAC. Both are “realistic” textures offered by ILF to simulate oral sex including the sensation of a deep throat session. How well they do it? Let’s see…

First Impressions:
The Swallow was originally a FleshJack texture (the ILF division dedicated to the gay community) and after much pleading from the straight forum members, ILF added it to the FLG offerings and made the mini version after complaints of shorter guys (like me) that couldn’t reach the UT section of the regular size Swallow.

Swallow texture (Photo: ILF)
Both the Swallow and the mini Swallow are a combination of bumps at the entrance to simulate teeth, a SR section to simulate the tongue, an array of larger bumps (simulating the back of the mouth?) followed by an Ultra Tight section to simulate the deep throat feeling. The difference between both versions is the scale of the texture, with the mini being shorter and narrower by about a 25%.
Sukit Draft SIAC (Photo ILF)

The orifices are pretty interesting. The Sukit has a generic petite mouth similar to the one on the discontinued Abbey’s Secret Ale – not extremely sexy, but sexier than the generic “Jabba” version of the full size Fleshlight. The full size Swallow is available with various molds (the original Visconti on the FleshJack and the mouths of Jenna Haze, Misty Stone, Lupe Fuentes, and Stoya on the FLG side), with Misty’s mouth being one of the sexiest of all. Knowing how intense the SR is, I expected to be on a wild ride as soon I saw that texture.
Since this is the first double review I had done, I will refer first to the Sukit, then to the Swallow.

Intensity (5 / 5) | (4/5)
As all SIACs, the Sukit is tight. Add the intensity expected of any sleeve with a Supper Ribbed texture and the typical tightness of the Ultra Tight and you have a non-stop ticket to the heavens. The Sukit makes itself present immediately with its tightness and as you stroke, then you feel the details of the “teeth” and of course, the ribs. Orgasm builds up pretty quick, but then the Sukit keeps you on the edge for a while before simply making you explode.

The full size Swallow is slightly less intense than the Sukit, but be prepared for another trip to the heavens. The full size sleeve is wider, so the textures are not that impressive – but that makes it more pleasurable. In my case, I only reach the large bump area (the back of the mouth), but that gives the Swallow a good balance of intensity and pleasure. Orgasms in the full size Swallow build slower than with the Sukit, but they are powerful as with its smaller sister.
Tightness (5/5) | (4/5)
The Sukit is a SIAC – enough said. The Swallow is based on a 1/2 inch diameter canal, so the Swallow is not too tight. If you have a penis about 3 – 5 inches of girth you should feel it right, if wider, it can be slightly tight.
Realism (4/5) | (4/5)
Both the Sukit and the Swallow feel pretty close to a real blowjob, missing only the tongue action to achieve full realism. The Sukit’s tightness and suction are great, but I still haven’t found any woman that sucks that hard. With enough lube, both sleeves feel like a wet, nice blowjob given by a woman with average oral sex experience.      

Versatility (4/5) | (4/5)
These sleeves have the peculiarity that being mouth molds, they are not easily used on a hands free method like the one I use. Maybe using another hands free method like using a Spingasm could make this sleeve more versatile, but still a great experience.   

Lubricant use (5/5) |
Both Sukit and Swallow retain lube nicely, not requiring additional lubing for “longer” sessions.
Use (5/5) | (5/5)
I didn’t have any issue while reviewing these sleeves, although the Sukit, as any SIAC requires to start slowly to set the desired amount of suction. 

Hygiene (5/5) | (5 / 5)
Like all Fleshlights, you only need to flush both sleeves with running water.

Drying (4/5) | (4/5)
Both Sukit and Swallow dry pretty well for a sleeve with the Ultra Tight texture at the end. After 24 hours, both sleeves are dry using the hanging method.

(5/5) | (5 / 5)
No special maintenance required so far besides a regular corn starching when stored for a few weeks.

Tear and wear
(5/5) | (5/5)
No noticeable tear and wear on the Destroya after use.

Total score Sukit: 47 / 50
Total score Swallow: 45 / 50

Based on the score, the Sukit is an obvious winner. Intense, tight, and pleasurable, the Sukit is a must have toy especially if your penis is shorter than 7 inches. The Swallow is not a bad sleeve – it is a pleasurable sleeve that develops intense orgasms, but the need of a long penis to enjoy the full effect make it to loose points on my book.

For this review, I finished watching She’s So Cute and followed with Big Dicks Glory Holes #6. I don’t know about other people, but I find glory holes extremely sexy. The thought of an attractive woman sucking my dick thru a hole in a wall without her knowing who she is sucking makes me feel horny as hell.

And if she is Misty Stone… even better!

Next stop: Meiki Clone Meguru