The RP Project #29: Kosaka Meguru Meiki Clone

This is the last entry for the original Rubber Pussy Project – future reviews are going to be done in a slightly different way – so let’s go straight to it and finish this thing…

First Impressions:
 I bought the Meguru as an entry way to the Meiki style of fake pussies. I said to myself that if I didn’t like it, no big deal, since it is a relatively inexpensive toy (around $30). Visually, the Meguru is not attractive at all – a small hole in the center of a puffy entrance. What got my attention to buy this onahole was its interior texture. It looked very “organic” (not to say “realistic” because I’m not too interested in seeing the interior of a vagina) and very appropriate for those long sessions I love.

Kosaka Meguru meiki clone (Photo: Kanojo Toys)

I have to say that the packaging is as discrete as a punch in the face with a brick. It is telling you “You are going to fuck THIS woman’s pussy, so enjoy!” I have no idea what the package says in Japanese, but with Kosaka Meguru’s pictures all over the box, I guess I did a good translation.

Intensity (3/5)
At entry, the Meguru is not too intense. In fact, the best description of the feeling is “soft and buttery”. You don’t feel anything restricting you, just a slight caress all around your penis. As you use it, lube gets distributed evenly, and it is then when the internal structure of the onahole becomes alive. You feel the curvy interior doing the magic, slowly but steady. Orgasms with the Meguru are satisfactory, but they are not explosive or eye rolling – they are good, but not exceptional.

Tightness (3/5)
This meiki seems to be very tight at first impressions, but once penetrated, it accommodates like a glove to your penis. The material is so soft and elastic, that sometimes it feels like you have nothing around your penis. Is only when you are near orgasm when the sleeve feels like hugging your head and shaft. Before that, is a soft caress. 

Realism (5/5)
This is were meikis tend to shine, and for an economic toy, the Meguru excels in the reality department. The internal structures replicate the ones in a real life pussy, so it does feel closely to the real thing. Combine it with a sticky lube ( I used xantham gum in a “heavy mix”) and you will swear you are fucking a real woman.

Versatility (4/5)
Using the Meguru as a stroker was not great. Since the material is so soft, I tended to squeeze the sleeve to feel the texture while stroking, something I did not want to do. Hands free operation with the regular folded pillow method improved the experience, but using it as the insert for my Love Venus gave it a new meaning. Using it as an insert for the doll made the Meguru tighter and 20 times more enjoyable than using it as a stroker. Verdict: Good for hands free sessions, so-so for stroking.

Lubricant use (5/5)

Due to its size and soft material, the Meguru doesn’t require much lube during use. Even sessions longer than 30 minutes didn’t require additional lube. 

Use (5/5)
I didn’t have any issue with the Meguru. 

Hygiene (4/5)
Like most onaholes, cleaning the Meguru can be tricky, requiring sometimes to stick your finger inside to clean any semen residue.

Drying (4/5)
Good thing about the Meguru is that you can dry its interior with a rolled paper towel and then leave the onahole to dry on open air overnight. Usually completely dry when you check the interior the next morning.

No special maintenance required so far besides a regular corn starching when stored for a few weeks.

Tear and wear
No noticeable tear and wear on the Meguru after almost a year of use.

Total score: 43 / 50

Based on the score, the Meguru is a slightly above average toy. When you factor that it is an inexpensive imported toy, then its general value increases. I would recommend the Meguru to anyone wanting to try a meiki style toy but has a limited budget. It is a perfect introduction to meikis and the delicate and realistic sensations they provide.

For this review, I watched a few clips from and For long, slow sessions there is nothing better that watching a woman using her fingers to arrive to orgasm.

This is Kosaka Meguru and I fucked that pussy…

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