The RP Project #4: TENGA’s Flip Hole Black

And now, something completely different…

The fourth review of the Rubber Pussy Project discuss something that doesn’t even looks like a pussy (or any other sexual organ): TENGA’s Flip Hole Black. This masturbator from the Japanese company TENGA can be considered revolutionary by its stylish exterior design, the fact of being part of the limited reusable TENGA lineup (most TENGA products are designed for single use, although users had found ways to reuse them up to 10 or more times), and the innovative drying method. Anyway, I had fucked this black cased hole and this is its review…

First Impressions:
Looking at the TENGA Flip Hole series, the first thing to admire is their external design. They are designed to look as anything but a sex toy. No vaginal entrance, no decals, nothing shouting “pervert” aloud like other sex toys. Fleshlights are easy to conceal if they are inside the case, but try to explain the vaginal / mouth / anal entrance if someone turns the large cap. You can leave the Flip Hole in plain sight and while it will make some people curious, most people will believe you if you tell them it is part of your electronic gadgetry collection.

When you open the clam-designed case, you find a labyrinth of intimidating silicon textures. You  will see triangular wedges, nubs, spheres and a bunch of other crazy shit that will make you think “How am I going to put my cock here?”.

As established in the rules, I used the Flip Hole for 5 consecutive occasions, using a homemade mix of  Xantham Gum as the lubricant, and using it hands free at least in two occasions. Now, lets break down the review:

Intensity (5 / 5)

The Flip Hole Black (FHB from now on) promises intensity – and it delivers.

The array of textures inside the FHB make their presence known right after you penetrate this toy. The massage feels kind of rough at first – the material is not as soft as in the Fleshlights and the textures are basically structures pressing your penis all around – but once the lube begins to do its work, the FHB structures do their work. The walls at the entrance press the shaft while the slightly more delicate orbs and edges torture the head, driving you crazy. In my case, the intensity was too strong, forcing me to stop moving inside the FHB and waiting for a few minutes before trying again. Rotating the FHB allows you to have a completely different sensation at every quarter turn, allowing some adjustment of intensity.

When the inevitable orgasm arrives, it does hard regardless of the method used (hands free or stroking). The orgasm is so intense that they made me grunt like an animal and left my little fellow extremely sensitive for minutes after cumming. In three of the occasions, I had to stay inside the FHB until the waves of the orgasm subsided – I felt I was still cumming after 30 or more seconds.

Tightness (5/5)
The FHB entrance is tight – really tight. With a mere 4.5 inches girth I had some problems entering this toy and looking at the entrance while doing it, I was often afraid the whole thing was going to rip apart. Once inside it felt just right.
For those who likes suction / extra tightness, the FHB has the now famous three suction discs that allow the user to vary the tightness at either the base, the shaft or the head areas with one hand. Personally, since I liked the regular suction of the toy, I didn’t use these discs. Anyhow, it’s good to know they are there…

Likeness (2/5)
The FHB is not designed to simulate any type of real sex, it is designed to make you cum fast, hard, and as much as you can.

Versatility (5/5)
Surprisingly, the FHB worked really well in the hands free sessions, something I didn’t expect because it was designed more for stroking. Stroking provides a sharper, more intense session while the hands free method provided slightly longer sessions with a better orgasm build. Since this toy is full of textures, any single variation in angle or position made the FHB a new experience during the sessions making this toy an extremely versatile one.

Lubricant use (5/5)
Once lubed, the FHB didn’t require any extra lube or re-wetting. Perfect score in this category.

Use (3/5)
The FHB has two flaws in this category: setup and noise. Due to its clamshell design, the base has a triple duty as base, lock and drying stand. After lubing it, you need to slide the base in the opposite to lock both halves in position. Doing this while hard and wanting to do it fast so could fuck the toy is almost a torture because I missed the positioning so many times that it was frustrating. Often I was almost limp again after struggling to place the damn thing in place.
The other flaw (from my perspective) is the slurping and farting noises this toy makes while using it. Slurping noises add a little bit to the excitement given that you don’t have a roommate or paper thin walls on your room. The farting noises are a totally different issue. I found them to be distracting and even annoying. At least, the noise is almost non noticeable during hands free sessions, but really distracting during stroking sessions.

Hygiene (4 / 5)
One of the major selling points of the FH series is that they are supposed easy to clean. Well, I prefer cleaning a Fleshlight over cleaning the FHB. Regardless of the Fleshlight design, they are pretty easy to clean – just open a faucet with cold or warm water and allow the running water to flush the interior. With the FHB, you open the toy, put it under the faucet… and run your fingers through it to clean your spunk. Since the FHB has so many intricate structures, semen stays trapped between them – specially the ending orbs. Running water alone can’t clean it effectively, so I ended doing some scrubbing with my fingers to remove all the semen from it. With 95% of my Fleshies I don’t have to scoop my fluids – a big plus.

Drying (4/5)
The FHB design allows for fast and easy drying. Surprisingly, the material dries pretty quickly considering the maze of structures inside it. The only drawback is that while cleaning some water can get trapped between the silicone and the plastic case, requiring the user to be careful before storing to avoid mold.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
I had this toy for five months and it had not required any special maintenance.

Tear and wear (4/5)
After the 5 use run, I found some minor tears on the entrance and some wear on the discs areas. No effect whatsoever on the experience.

Total score: 42 / 50

All aspects considered, the FHB is a good toy investment given that your penis is not too thick. If you have a girth above 5.5 inches, prepare for a tight ride and some major wear and tear on the toy’s entrance and body.

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by Private’s House of Games and Hot Assphalt. They are “old” movies (2003 and 2005), but Bobbi Eden, Letizia Bruni, and Anastacia Mayo deserve to be seen.

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