The RP Project #5: Teagan Presley’s Love Humps FLG

The fifth review of the Rubber Pussy Project discusses another Fleshlight Girl: the Love Humps. This is the “signature” texture for Teagan Presley’s FLG series. After following the rules established for the Rubber Pussy Project lets go with the review:

First Impressions:

This FLG has a reproduction of Teagan Presley’s vagina – an entrance that is extremely attractive to the view and to the touch. The interior texture on the other side, seems to be a “bland” one – a texture that is smooth with a series of large “pillows” that provide the stimulation. Of course, a simple texture like this promises long sessions and not too much intensity.

Intensity (4 / 5)

The Love Humps seems to be a low intensity texture and it is – for a while. Upon initial penetration, this sleeve feels good on the penis with the right amount of intensity: not too intimidating and not too boring. As I continued the sessions, the intensity kept increasing. My penis felt welcomed there and the conflicts began: I wanted to cum inside this sleeve but at the same time I didn’t want the session to end. The feeling was extremely good and I felt how the pleasure kept increasing minute by minute. The desire to cum got me rocking and stroking this sleeve in automatic – I didn’t even notice the speed I was using at times. When the orgasm arrived it was strong and long at the same time. Orgasms with this sleeve felt like I was drained of sperm while still desiring more.

The simple texture that gives creeping orgasms! (Photo ILF, Inc)

Tightness (3/5)
The Love Humps is not a tight sleeve. It feels in the mid level – wide enough to snug your penis, but not too tight to choke it. Removing the FL end cap basically allowed to sharpen the feel of the pillows. Tightening the end cap provided a different feeling, kind of a hand job.   

Likeness (3/5)
This sleeve doesn’t want to simulate any sexual experience, but as written above, it can feel as a hand job and sometimes as a vagina during orgasmic contractions.

Versatility (5/5)
The Love Humps is a perfect sleeve for hands free sessions. The texture allows for long sessions without fatigue and even when it is a “smooth” sleeve, it kept my penis erect at all times. Stroking feels different, with the pillows making a stronger presence.

Lubricant use (4/5)
The Love Humps required about 1/3 additional lubricant to feel really good to me. No complaints here since it is usual that smooth sleeves  use more lube than extremely textured ones.

Use (5/5)
No noise or setup issues with this sleeve.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As all Fleshlight, the Love Humps is pretty easy to clean – just open a faucet with cold or warm water and allow the running water to flush the interior.

Drying (5/5)
Relatively fast drying when using the hanger method.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
No special maintenance except an occasional corn starch on the surface.

Tear and wear (5/5)
After the 5 use run, no tears or wear reported.

Total score: 44 / 50

All aspects considered, the Love Humps is a great sleeve for sessions longer than 45 minutes and specially great for hands free sessions.

As any Fleshlight, you can buy Teagan’s Love Humps directly from

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by Private’s Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island, Sex Rebels, and a compilation of glory holes scenes you can find at

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