The RP Project #7: Ultra Tight Butt Fleshlight

The seventh review of the Rubber Pussy Project discusses one of my favorite Fleshlights – the Ultra Tight Butt. This is the tightest available in the Fleshlight roster with a width of only 1/4″ diameter – one third the diameter of the Original texture. Pair the tight diameter with a small anal opening and you have an unique  experience. After following the rules established for the Rubber Pussy Project, lets go with the review:

First Impressions:

This Fleshlight is sold as the closest to have anal sex with a virgin. The idea is simple: tightest canal with tightest entrance equal to a cum-draining experience. At first sight, you look at the smooth canal that is thinner than a regular pencil and you think “How am I going to fit inside this? It’s too thin!” Well, I fit and enjoyed this texture.

Intensity (5 / 5)
This sleeve is not intense upon entrance, but the Ultra Tight is one of those sleeves that slowly builds pleasure until you simply explode. And I’m talking about REAL explosive orgasms. With this sleeve, I came buckets after sessions that averaged 40 minutes in duration. The feeling is progressive: first you feel the tightness, then you feel the material stretching around your penis, then the warm material inviting to stay inside it, fucking it slow until you feel the cum pressure building up until that last stroke when you climax. The intensity of the orgasms alone guarantee the perfect score on this category.

Tightness (5/5)
With a diameter of just a quarter of an inch (about 1.9 centimeters), the Ultra Tight is the tightest sleeve around – period. Add just enough suction from the completely closed case, and you have a decent cum vacuum cleaner. Perfect score again.   

Realism (3/5)
I am not a big fan of anal sex and as far as I Know I have never fucked an anal virgin, but I think this is as close as it gets. If the texture had some micro ribs and nubs, then it would be an outwordly experience.

Versatility (4/5)
This sleeve is 20 times better as a hands free texture than as a stroking one. The reason: hands free operation feels more real and allows attacking the butt entrance more aggressively than when stroking.

Lubricant use (2/5)
This texture is a lube hog – it is smooth and it tends to siphon the lube out just as it does with cum. I needed to relube an average of three times during each session for the simple reason that lots of lube were on the case and not inside the sleeve.

Use (3/5)
Some whistling and other air noises noticed when using as a stroker. Whistling noises were common while having the end cap fully tightened or half closed. That alone was annoying enough to consider it as an issue.

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As all Fleshlight, the STU is pretty easy to clean – just open a faucet with cold or warm water and allow the running water to flush the interior.

Drying (5/5)
Relatively fast drying when using the hanger method.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
No special maintenance except an occasional corn starch on the surface.

Tear and wear (5/5)
After the 5 use run, no tears or wear reported.

Total score: 42 / 50

All aspects considered, the Ultra Tight is an excellent hands free sleeve. It provides great orgasms, leaving me satisfied after relatively short sessions.

As any Fleshlight, you can buy the Ultra Tight directly from

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by It’s A Daddy’s Thing 4. The first scene with Evie Delatosso and the double scene with the Evie and Alexis Love are two of the hottest scenes I’ve seen.

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  1. I agree – the UT was one of the best textures from Fleshlight. Used on hands free mode it built so much pressure than my penis simply erupted like a geyser when cumming. When they retired it, I got an extra sleeve with the vagina entrance.

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