The RP Project #9: Jenna Haze’s Forbidden FLG

For many men, convincing their wives and girlfriends of having anal sex is almost impossible. The Forbidden texture from ILF promises to give the pleasure of anal sex without the need to plea with your wife / girlfriend.   After following the rules established for the Rubber Pussy Project, lets go with the review:

First Impressions:

The Jenna Haze Forbidden has an entrance molded after Jenna Haze’s famous ass. The texture is a combination of a micro-ribbed entrance, followed by a smooth wavy canal. At first glance, it looks like a texture good for long sessions with a lot of intensity at the entrance thanks for the ribs.  It doesn’t seem intense or tight, so I didn’t expect spectacular sessions.

Forbidden internal texture (Photo property of ILF, Inc. /

Intensity (5 / 5)
The Forbidden is one of those textures that doesn’t promise intensity at first, but delivers a constant pleasure during the sessions with it. At entrance, the Forbidden doesn’t give immediate feedback – it feels good, but it doesn’t hit you with waves of sensations like the Gauntlet or the Tenga Flip Hole. The intensity of this sleeve builds up gradually – slowly but constantly. After 5 to 10 minutes into the session, you begin to feel the build up. The pleasure takes you to feel close to orgasm, but it keeps you there until you decide to finish. It is a texture that gives total control over the session and when you finally decide to orgasm, it provides those orgasms that leave you panting and with weakened knees.

Tightness (4/5)
The Forbidden is just perfect in the tightness category. With the end cap fully tightened, the suction feels somewhat natural, allowing for natural thrusting.   

Realism (5/5)
Again, I’m not a big fan of anal sex, but the texture of the Forbidden felt almost identical to the times I fucked former girlfriends in the ass. The micro ribs at the entrance make a good simulation of the sphincter entrance and the wavy smooth interior gives the right amount of stimulation to the penis head and shaft. While using it, I often forgot I was fucking an inanimate object and started to thrust the FL exactly as when having the real thing.

Versatility (4/5)
The Forbidden feels much better when using it with a hands free method. As a stroker, it does the job, but the canal doesn’t feel as pleasurable. with the hands free method, I had much more control and was able to enjoy the texture much more.

Lubricant use (4/5)
The Forbidden required some re-wetting at occasions, but as a general rule, it retained lube pretty well.

Use (4/5)
Besides the occasional whistling noises, there were no  major issues while using the Forbidden.  

Hygiene (5 / 5)
As most Fleshlights, the Forbidden is easy to clean – just place it under running water and allow water to clean the interior canal.

Drying (4/5)
The Forbidden dried completely in about 4 hours using the hanger method.

Maintenance (5 / 5)
No special maintenance required.

Tear and wear (5/5)
No tear and wear noticed after completing the evaluation periods.
Total score: 45 / 50

Considering all factors, the Forbidden is a must have toy. The gradual intensity sensations are my personal favorites and the control this sleeve provides are something every man should experience.

As established in the captions, you can buy this toy from

FYI: The visual stimuli for these sessions was provided by 18 Years Old Love Cum Vol 2. This is a teen compilation from Devil’s Films. Love the petite brunette on the last scene.

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