The RP Project

Last weekend, after giving proper maintenance to my sex toy collection, I decided to begin the RP Project – the Rubber Pussy Project. What the hell is that? A simple review of my collection, giving a rating to each one of the toys. To do that, I will follow some rules:

  1. I will use the same toy for 5 weekly sessions, trying it in two positions. The first position would be lying on my back while using my hands to manipulate the toy. The second position will be a hands-free operation using the body pillow method. Three of the sessions will be on my back, the other two will be hands-free.
  2. I will the same lubricant with each toy. The lubricant of choice is a homemade Xantham Gum mix of 1/2 teaspoon of XG diluted in 8 ounces of water.
  3. Every toy will began the session with the same quantity of lubricant. Additional lubricant will be added as needed.
  4. Each session must last at least 20 minutes from the beginning of using the toy until orgasm. Edging is allowed and will be noted in the review.
  5. I can use visual stimulation during the session as desired.
  6. Sessions can only include 1 toy at a time.
  7. There must be a rest period of 12 hours between sessions. No “sloppy seconds” will be allowed.
  8. There will be a rest period of a minimum of 24 hours between toys.
  9. There will be a 24 hours rest period after having regular sex.

The toys will be evaluated in a 5 point scale in the following categories:

  • Intensity – How intense are the feelings on my penis while entering and using the toy.
  • Tightness – How tight or loose the toy is after being penetrated
  • Likeness – How close to real sex it feels
  • Versatility – How good is the toy to be used in the two positions
  • Lubricant use – how much lubricant the toy uses. (To be fair, I am going to begin each session applying the same quantity to each toy).
  • Use – How easy is to setup, hold, and use the toy in each of the positions. Weight, form factor, and size will influence in this category.
  • Hygiene – how easy is to clean each toy after use
  • Drying – How fast the toy dries after use (No one likes to have a sex toy visible to visits, right?)
  • Maintenance – How easy is to keep the toy in good shape for use
  • Tear and wear – How the toy wears after regular use.

This gives a maximum score of 50 points. Any score above 40 points will be considered a good toy and a score of 45 or more will be considered an excellent investment.

The toys I will be evaluating for the RPP are the following (in order of testing):

  1. Lotus Lager Sex In A Can (US)
  2. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus FLG (US)
  3. Jesse Jane Gauntlet FLG (US)
  4. Teagan Presley Love Humps FLG (US)
  5. Stamina Training Unit FL (US)
  6. Katsumi Lotus Garden FLG (US)
  7. Tenga Flip Hole Black (JAP)
  8. Ultra Tight  (Butt) FL (US)
  9. Jenna Haze Maze FLG (US)
  10. Super Mini Meiki Chinatsu (JAP)
  11. Spread Eagle SIAC (US)
  12. Jenna Haze Forbidden FLG (US)
  13. Super Mini Meiki kotone (JAP)
  14. Riley Steele Nipple Alley FLG (US)
  15. Vortex FL (US)
  16. O’ Doyles Stout SIAC (US)
  17. Tenga Flip Hole White (JAP)
  18. Ultra Tight Ice FL (US)
  19. Wonder Wave FL (US)
  20. Abbey’s Secret SIAC (US)
  21. Clone Meiki Meguru Kosaka (JAP)
  22. Succu Dry SIAC (US)
  23. Super Ribbed FL Butt (US)
  24. Sukit SIAC (US)
  25. Stoya Destroya FLG (US)
  26. Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu (JAP)

Here are some photos of the toys to be tested:

Fleshlight collection to be tested

Those are my Fleshlights and SIAC collection. The ones with pink cases are the Fleshlight Girls collection (FLG), black cases are vaginal Fleshlights (FL), and the gray colored cases are the Fleshlight Butts. the smaller ones at the bottom are the Sex-In-A-Can or SIACs.

This other photo shows the Japanese sex toys on collection:

If there is any new toy added, it will be reviewed after the Meiki ZXY.

Damn, there is a lot of masturbation to do, so lets get started!