The Website is live (more or less…)

Well, I finally managed to work out most of the content for CASQUETERO.COM and published a BETA version of the website…

As of today, the website has the reviews I made between 2010 and 2012 divided by category. The categories are:

  • Fleshlights – Toys sold by ILF / Fleshlight and Fleshjack
  • Japanese toys – Toys made in Japan (and some from Korea).
  • American toys – Toys distributed by the big US companies: Doc Johnson, Pipedream, Nasstoys, California Exotics, and others
  • Inflatable dolls – Reviews and inflated pictures of air filled ladies.
  • Solid dolls – Reviews and pictures of solid sex dolls available in the US.
  • Hands-free toys – Toys that do not need for you to move…
  • Chinese toys – Toys made and sold by Chinese companies
  • Smaller manufacturers – These are the toys made by artisans and specialty websites such as Novelleco and Bad-Dragon.
I also added categories for prostate massagers, toys you can use with your partner, and even some accessories to aid on your sex life.
Some new things
  • Standard RPP Score: from now on, toys will be scored based on 5 categories (Feedback, Orgasm BuildUp, Realism, Durability, and Value). Older reviews are being updated with this new scale. 
  • Rating File: Every month, I will post a file with the rankings of the toys I had reviewed. The toys will be ranked using the new RPP score and will be ranked by Total Score and each one of the categories used.
  • E-books: I will be posting free e-books dealing with toys, rankings, and other information.
  • Casa Casquetero: I am considering adding a web forum to the site, but I am still checking out the different packages available.
Unlike the blog, the website requires some money spending. To earn a few $$$ to maintain and improve the website, I am doing two things: the STORE and becoming affiliated to companies I like.
Casque Tees – I opened a simple store with Spreadshirt to sell t-shirts. I did the initial designs, which I will be changing every two months. The shirts prices range between $15 and $40 depending on the shirt quality. I make about $4 per shirt – the rest is profit for Spreadshirt…
You can see the designs I have uploaded so far HERE.
Affiliate Programs: I am joining the affiliate programs of companies I respect and know. So far, I had received the approval of Pink Cherry and Extreme Restraints, two of the companies I had bought frequently.
As I said, the web is still in BETA – I need still to add pictures and new links – but you can start browsing it and give me your opinions…
BTW, video reviews are also on their way!!!