Top 10 Toys of 2015

Oh, my… I had been so busy preparing my masked villain underground lair in the past few days that I almost forgot doing the Top 10 for 2015! Well, it is still 2015, so as every year, I will tell you my preferred toys from the bunch I reviewed for you during the year that is just a few hours shy of ending. So, place the champagne in the freezer and let’s go to this year Top 10 toys!

10 – Bad Dragon’s Janine (RPP # 138)

Not every day you nail a dragon’s pussy – unless you get Bad Dragon’s Janine toy. Perfect for weird alien / anthro / paranormal fantasies, this toy is a little bit pricey, but totally worth it due to the high quality material (platinum cured silicone) and the color customization options.

Available at: Bad Dragon

9 – Fleshlight INDULGE (Angela White) – (RPP #137)

An elegant texture inspired on the big breasted wonder from Down Under. Just like its inspiration, you will want to take your time with the Indulge, a slow but powerful orgasm builder.

Available at:

8 – Monster Wet Real (RPP #148)

It has one of the weirdest internal textures in the business, but it feels sooo goood. Maybe it is not too pretty, but this Japanese toy is a wonder to play with. It uses all the tricks on the book to take you to the edge and beyond!

Available at: Toy, Kanojo Toys,

7 – The Fifi (RPP #156)

A simpler toy for more civilized times… This new version of the infamous prison sex toy is perfect for travel in the times of the nosy TSA.

Available at:

6 – Premium Bitch Karera (RPP #147)

A toy combining a decent onahole with realistic texture and panty fetishism…Take my money!

Available at: Toy Demon.comKanojo Toys

5 – Airi Himenakawa sex doll

Ready for playtime… one more time!

Anime inspired, life sized air doll that accepts most onaholes in the market – including meikis! BTW, it also has HUGE tits!

Available at: Toy Demon.comKanojo

4 – HEPS Otris System (RPP # 153)

A modular system for those who like to be creative and enjoy different sensations. A must have for travelers.

Available at:

3- La Bocca de la Verita (RPP #136)

What man does not enjoy a good, sloppy blow job with just the right amount of teeth teasing? La Bocca truly reproduces many of the sensations I enjoy when a girl is practicing with my little mic!

Available at: Toy Demon.comKanojo

2 – Orgasmic Monster (RPP #133)

Two toys in one due to its weird design, it was one of the surprises of the year.

Available at: Toy Demon.comKanojo

And our NUMERO UNO for 2015 is…

Meiki Maria Ozawa (RPP #145)

Come on, in a year when I finally tried this classic toy it was impossible NOT to give it the number one spot of the countdown. Already a classic, the Maria Ozawa is maybe the most realistic rubber pussy in the market, feeling wonderful either as a stroker or as the insert of a sex doll.

Available at: Toy Demon.comKanojo


There are two unique dolls I reviewed this year that deserve honorable mentions. They are classes on their own – that’s why I did not list them in the countdown!

The Aiko doll

If you want a doll that is fully functional and easy to disguise or hide, the Aiko doll is the perfect choice for you. Made of silicone in the USA, this 24 inches tall girl fits right at home between any collection of 1:3 ball-jointed dolls.

Available at:


My first ever TPE doll took me to heaven. Imagine fucking a meiki that has a face and a full body – that’s how the Suki feels! Another surprise from 2015…

Available at: Sili

Well, that’s basically it for this year! The only thing left to say is…