Top 10 Toys of 2016

Alright, alright, alright…

We are looking at the last day of 2016, a year that for some had been an awful year, and for others like me had been a mixed bag of surprises, set backs, fun, laughter, and challenges. But enough of complaining and lets go over the Best 10 toys I reviewed on the blog through the year. As always, the ranking reflects only the toys reviewed on the blog and it is based on the total score obtained. In case of ties, I decided the ranking based on my personal preference.

So, prepare the shots and lets toast for this year’s Top 10 toys!

10 – Love Cation 2: Wakoto (RPP #162)

 I loved the Love x Cation 2 series of toys, but from all four models, I fell for the Wakoto Izumi. Inspired on the game character with the same name, this toy is a little difficult to get in, but once you are in, this little masturbator likes to take control with an unexpected intensity.
Available at: Toy Demon

9-Fleshlight Freaks!: Zombie Mouth (RPP #178)

You have to admit it is UGLY!

Maybe the ugliest masturbator I had ever put my penis into, the Zombie Mouth has a really good texture that makes you forget the visual of a rotten mouth sucking your dick.

Available at:

8 –Fleshlight Freaks!: Reaper (RPP #179)

Inspired on science fiction / video games creatures, the Reaper looks intimidating but will accept your dick with pleasure. Fantastically realistic and stimulating, if you are going to fuck an alien asshole, pick a Reaper.

Available at:

7- I’m A Guy 2 (RPP #171)

Surprisingly good toy – with a twist! Inspired on the fantasy of having sex with a transgender (or a cross dresser), this economic toy allows you to experiment with both traditional and prostate pleasure at your own pace.

Available at: Toy Demon

6-Fleshlight LUXE (RPP #165)

When Fleshlight created a texture inspired on the sexy Cherry Devivre, they ended with one of their best jobs in years. A relatively “delicate” texture, the Luxe takes you on a pleasure trip that only a couple of toys achieve.

Available at:

5-Fleshlight Freaks!: Predator (RPP #180)

Yep, the Freaks made a trifecta with all the new monsters landing on the Top 10! My favorite of the new Freaks, the Predator milks your penis making you scream either like the movie monster or one of its victims!

Available at:

4- Tomax NUI Doll

 Simply the most affordable solid sex doll in the market today…
You purchase the fabric shell for $50, add the filling of preference and even your favorite breast toy and you have your customized sex doll – for less than $100! Able to accept most masturbation sleeves from your average Japanese onahole to a full size Fleshlight, the NUI gives unlimited options for those looking for their first sex doll.

Available at:

3- Tomax Muse : Arkhe (RPP #175)


One of the most realistic masturbators available today, this ToMax toy got high scores thanks to its quality and realism. If you like realistic masturbators, you must get the Arkhe!

Available at:

2- Double Vagina (RPP #172)

A relative low cost toy, I fell in love with the Double Vagina due to its two separate tunnels and distinct textures at the vaginal entrance. Imagine something like that in real life!

Available at: Toy Demon, Kanojo Toys, Cool Male Sex Toys

And our #1 toy for 2016 is…

1- Tomax Muses: Fillo (RPP #182)

Muses Fillo cross section. Do you see the leaf?

This pick was an easy one: the Fillo got the only PERFECT SCORE given this year. The original design of its tunnel shaped like a leaf joined with the intense texture used by ToMax on this toy simply made it unique and highly pleasurable. Used as an insert in the Nui Doll (or any other doll) makes the experience even more special!

Available at:

Well, that’s basically it for this year! The only thing left to say is THANK YOU for supporting this blog and…