Toys for travel

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep some of my routines even when I am traveling. Every summer I take some vacation time and travel to meet family and friends – but I still like to play with myself during those days. The problem is, I can’t take my dolls or my trusted masturbation sleeves on my trips. I don’t have the privacy to use them, dry them properly, and more important, some family members would make a big issue of a stupid masturbation toy (I have a very “traditional” family).
So, if I can’t carry my ladies or my favorite toys on the road, what do I do? Elementary, my dear reader: I carry the perfect toys for travel. These travel toys must have some ideal features, which are:
  1. Compact size. The toys I take on trips must be relatively small – between 3 and 5 inches long and smaller than 2 inches wide. They need to be this small to fit inside my toiletries bag with my toothbrush, shaving cream and other stuff I normally carry on my “personal use” little bag.
  2. Discrete. I avoid passing sex toys through TSA (I always place them in my checked bag), but in case I need to pass them in my carry on, I want them to be discrete. The last thing I want in the TSA line at the airport is a jackass making $10 per hour handling something I had fucked a few days before. Besides the TSA, I don’t want prying eyes on the hotel or wherever I am staying to realize right away that I am using a sex toy. Call me a prude, but I keep my private shit private.
  3. Cheap. I normally don’t leave anything behind, but I don’t want to curse all the way back home if a $70 Fleshlight or a $100 Tenga gets lost, forgotten, or stolen. The perfect toy would be missed if lost, but not because of the replacement value.
  4. Easy to clean and dry. When traveling, I like toys to be easy to clean with running water and to be dried fast. On the road, I don’t have the access to corn starch, special liquids, or other detergents to sanitize my toys. I don’t have the privacy to leave a sleeve to dry overnight on the bathroom, or hang it to air dry – so they better clean fast with running water, some regular soap, and be able to pat dry with a towel or paper towel.
  5. Must be good. Hey, cheap and small doesn’t mean the toy should be crap. For me to take a toy on the road, it must give good sensations, taking me to orgasm without a struggle and at least endure three full sessions.
Now, for this summer I had been already on the road for two weeks – one in a hotel, one in a relative’s house – so before leaving I chose four toys from Kuudom that met the features I mentioned above. The selected toys were:
  • Groomin Wild Touch – A $6 toy available at Toy Demon, this toy seems to compete with the Tenga Eggs, but the Groomin has a more discrete case that can easily pass as a travel size cream container. The Wild Touch promises intensity with a texture looking like shark teeth and slightly hard material.
  • Groomin Mild Touch – Another $6 toy available from Toy Demon, this version promises a gentle experience with a texture looking like flower petals and a very soft material.
  • Trail Rocky – This $6 toy looks like a medieval torture device with rows of triangular teeth on both sides of the sleeve. It is open ended, so I assume it can be used either as a masturbation toy or a sensation enhancer during intercourse.
  • Trail Bishop – This toy looks like a pair of black donuts, but the interior hides a texture full of rounded nubs in rows, promising long sessions.
In addition to these four toys, I am carrying two “back-up” toys: The HEPS Fantastic and the HEPS H5
  • HEPS Fantastic – Not cheap ($80), but since I will stay with my parents for at least three weeks, this toy is perfect for some late night sessions. Small, easy to clean, and really, really good, it promises a few pleasurable nights while the old folks are sleeping in the room next door.
  • HEPS H5 – A replacement sleeve for the HEPS system, this simpler but tighter mouth should give more intensity than the Fantastic while keeping all the advantages of a travel toy.
I will be posting my reviews for these toys and how they perform on the road through August…