Toys VS Women: What’s better?

If you are asking that question, you are in a worst place than me. The obvious answer is WOMEN! Nothing can replace the reactions, feelings and the connection that you can experience with a real living woman on your bed.

But being honest, there are periods of my life that I prefer a sexual toy. Especially when talking about casual sex or one-night stands. Why? Well, let’s say that there various reasons. Some of them are:

  • Sex toys are easier to deal with. If I want to fuck a sex toy, I only need to be hard and some lubricant and presto, I’m fucking a sex toy. With women I have to convince them first, buy them drinks, play the interest / flirt / relationship game, and them MAYBE I would have a chance to get some that night. Which led to the next number…


  • Sex toys are cheaper. Male sex toys are available starting at less than $10 (not very good ones, but some of them do the trick) to life-like sex dolls costing $7,000. Most high level masturbation sleeves are in the $30 to $60 range: less than the cost of a movie date. If you just want to bust a nut, one of these toys is a better investment than a night out with a woman you like or hiring a hooker (which is illegal in most states).
  • Sex toys don’t get STDs. You fuck a sex toy and you are practicing the closest thing to real safe sex that you can have. The worst disease you can get from a sex toy would be an allergic reaction, a rash from not using enough lubricant, or an urinary infection thanks to bad maintenance of the toy. Those are nothing compared to getting chlamydia, HPV, HIV, or HEP-C.  Even if you use another guy’s sex toy (given that it is clean), you have less chances of getting a disease. Again, I’m talking here about casual sex or one-night stands. And by the way, I had NEVER used another guy’s sex toy – I consider that gross and really unnecessary. But still that is safer than sharing a woman with another guy.
  • Sex toys don’t get pregnant. Do I have to explain this one?
  • After sex with a toy, you don’t have to witness post-coital crap. Maybe it is because my experiences with women, but after having sex with some of them, I had witnessed some post coital crap that had bothered me more than anything else in my life. From women who cried after sex, to ones that don’t want to leave (or that don’t want you to leave), to others who basically throw you out of the bed, without forgetting the one or two that after a fuck, are already imagining a life with you. Maybe I had a lot of crazy women in my life, but I had those (and other cases). Honestly, after sex the most I can tolerate is cuddling and talking – no crying, psychotic behavior, or psychoanalysis sessions. With sex toys, once I’m done, I clean up and can continue with my life. No guilt, no regrets, no bullshit to deal with.
  • Sex toys don’t get jealous. I have an ottoman full of masturbation helpers – and they live together like good sisters. I have the variety I want without having problems. Try that with women…
  • Sex toys don’t talk. I like the sound of a moaning woman, especially when I am the one making her moan, but that isn’t what I am referring with this item. I’m referring to the talking women do about their lovers. If you think that women don’t talk about their sexual partners, you are ready for a rude, very rude awakening. Women talk about their sexual partners in more explicit ways than men do. Women will talk with their “girlfriends” about the size of your penis, how you used it, where you fucked her, what condom you used, if you smelled, or if you needed one of the multiple magic pills available out there to help us perform. They will even talk about the quantity, quality, and flavor of your semen. If you had a stellar performance, great… but if the performance was bad, be prepared to be blackballed in that circle…

Now, as I wrote before, NOTHING can substitute a woman on my bed. But only when I am in a relationship with her. If there is no relationship, I prefer to fuck a rubber / silicone / elastomeric gel  vagina.