Various questions,,, Various answers

Since I began using sex toys on a regular basis, there are some questions I had read in the different forums I participate. In some I had answered honestly, in others, I had felt shy of writing my honest opinion due to either moderator / forum rules or because of the forum environment (as I wrote before, some people on these forums can be die-hard fanatics and they use the anonymity of the Web to its full advantage). Since this is MY blog, I decided to answer those questions here completely and anyone who wants to comment, their comments are welcomed…

1. Which is the best sex toy: Fleshlights, meikis, or Tengas?

The answer to this question depends on what YOU are looking for. All the three brands / styles mentioned do their job (making a man cum with something different than their hands), but they do it differently. Some brands like Tenga are all about intensity: their toys tend to be a  wonder of technological masturbation with complex textures and weird but stylish toys. If you want to cum hard, fast and not being ashamed if someone finds your (unused) toy, Tengas are the answer.
Meikis are the place to go for realism. They have organic style interiors, often replicating vaginas of famous Japanese AV stars. With a softer material and organic textures, Meikis are the selection for guys looking to experience something closest to sex.
Fleshlights are for you if you want something to pound hard. Unlike the meikis, Fleshlights are sold with a case that allows for heavier pounding. Also, if you have a limited budget, Fleslights are a better value since they tend to last longer than the other toys.
So which one is the best? Personally, I prefer Fleshlights due to their overall value. I am a big guy and I can use the FLs without worrying about breaking them, tearing them, or making them useless – something I can’t do with the Tenga or Meikis. Tengas are designed for a limited quantity of uses (most are disposable and even the Flip Holes are said to have a life of 50 uses) and Meiki’s material tend to tear and rip after some abuse. Also the cost of toys is a factor to consider (at least for me is). The premium Meikis like the Ozawa and the ZYX are over $90 US (and hips are usually close to $300 US) while for that money I can get  2 or 3 Fleshlight sleeves depending on the texture. That said, I buy my toys based on the sensations I expect to feel with them and use them based on what I want to experience at the moment. For traveling, Tengas are my choice (discreet, fast, disposable). For fantasy orgies and hands free sessions, Fleshlights are my toy of choice (sturdy, sleeves attached to a specific sensation) and for long sessions when I look for realism, Meikis are the ones I pick up from my storage bin. So in summary, the best toy is the one that gives me what I want at the moment.

2. Why so many? Do you use them all? Do you have favorites?

Three questions that usually go together and often back to back.
I have lots of toys because I LOVE VARIETY and I am always horny. As a man (and more precisely, as a Latino), I was indoctrinated that a man must have more than one woman to avoid being bored. Since I don’t like to cheat on my partner, and as said,  I’m always horny, the use of  sex toys has been a blessing for my relationships. The thing is that my desire for variety keeps me buying new toys with different textures to satisfy it. I’m not after the “Ultimate Orgasm” – I’m after having great new experiences.
I use ALL my toys regularly. Of course, having many means there is a longer cycle before I re-use any given toy. Now that I am doing the RPP, the cycle is even longer, but I always keep 3 toys accessible for a long night fantasy orgy now and then.
Yes, of course I have favorites. For regular use I like the Swallow, Love Humps, Mini Lotus, Wonder Wave, and Super Ribbed Fleshlights. For “special nights” (when I miss my GF), I use the ZXY, Forbidden FL, and Swallow either individually or as part of a fantasy orgy. For traveling my choice is one of the Flip Holes since they are extremely discreet.

3. Are you ashamed of using toys?

Not really, but it is something I don’t discuss in real life with anyone. In my culture, it is insane to masturbate or use a sex toy as an adult when it is so “easy” to get real pussy / ass / mouth. Personally, getting sex in real life has been always “not so easy” since I am not physically attractive and I am kind of a loner. In addition, I don’t enjoy casual sex – I prefer sex as part of a relationship – so I prefer to fuck a rubber pussy (that won’t add to my existing problems) than fucking a one-night stand that screws the rest of my life.

4. Do your friends know about your toys?

As said, I don’t discuss my toy use in real life. In fact, I don’t discuss my sexual life with friends or family members. Most of my friends and family assume I am either gay or a “solteron” ( a guy that is still single after his 30s) because I had NEVER introduced them to any of my partners (I had a handful of sexual partners in my life but the number doesn’t reach 30 even counting the ones I had in college). That is how private I am about my sex life in real life.

5. Do you think prostate stimulation is gay?

Culturally, I am not used to shove things into my ass. Latinos consider dealing with the backdoor as gay – having a prostate exam or a colonoscopy is a big deal where I come from. Personally, I am for new experiences and prostate milking / stimulation is something that caught my attention. I bought one of those stimulators (Aneros MGX) in Black Friday and after using it 3 times, the jury is still out. Lets say that I don’t consider it a gay activity, but my respects for gays have increased tenfold. You need to be a real man to allow another guy fuck you in the ass…

6. What toy feels real?

Simple: NONE. Meikis are the closest to provide realistic sensations on your dick because of the organic textures, but no toy can replicate how a real vagina / ass / mouth behaves during sexual acts. They can give similar sensations, but no toy can give the whole experience that having sex with a woman (or man if that is your preference) gives. You can compare toys with your hand, but nothing else. 

7. What is the best lube?

I only use two lubes on a regular basis: Gun Oil H2O and home-made mixtures of Xantham Gum. My favorite is the Xantham Gum because it is cheap ($12 for a gallon),  I can control the thickness of the mixture and the quantity I need to use better than with any other lube and in addition, I can use it as therapeutic gel for massages after adding some essential oils. Gun Oil is my favorite for use away from home.

If you have any other question or comment, feel free to post them…