Website Update: Seventeen EVO Review, Cassidoll Review

Just published two reviews on CASQUETERO.COM:

1) Review of Seventeen EVO – This is one of those Japanese toys that is already considered a classic. For some weird reason, I bought this toy more than a year ago and I did not review it – until now!

Check the 17-EVO review HERE!

2) Review of Cassidoll sex doll – This is my review of Fatima, an used Cassidoll torso doll I bought a few months ago. This is maybe one of the best sex dolls designed – unfortunately its maker developed one of the worst reputations in the doll market due to his business practices. Still, if you can get one used, buy it!

Check the review HERE!

And just for fun… a teaser of the Casquetero Video Reviews. COMING SOON!