What to expect for 2013!

Well readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

I know, I know… I’m late. I had been busy celebrating the Holidays, doing some repairs at home, and completing some stuff for work – everything while still feeling sick.

A lot of stuff going on, but I have not forgot about this corner of the Web! In fact, let me give you a preview for what you are going to read in this website on the next months. I am going to have reviews of:

  • FleshJack “Revel”
  • FleshJack “Marvel”
  • Belladonna’s UR 3 Pussy
  • Kristina Rose’s UR3 Ass
  • Roxie Jezel’s UR3 Pussy and Ass
  • Sophia Rossi’s Pussy and Ass
  • Tubomi masturbator
  • Tsurupeta Laboratory Girl masturbator
  • Inflatababe “Naughty Neiko”
  • Inflatababe “Yumi”
  • Inflatababe “Kimmi”
  • Inflatababe “Lusty Busty”
  • Liberator Fleshlight Mount “On A Mission”
  • Liberator Ramps

This is just a preview of what will go on during 2013… so stay tuned!